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    So whatever happened to quality control? As i was unloading trailers i started realizing how bad our inbound loads are every single day. The loaders will put a 1lb box on the bottom of a wall and load 50lb boxes right on top of it, crushing the bottom box. They don't even try to make decent walls, they just throw everything on top of each other without even trying. I could load the trailer better with a bulldozer.

    How have we survived over 100 years if we can't load a trailer the way it should be loaded. Why do supervisors let the loads go out this way? Its ridiculous and all these crushed boxes i think hurts our reputation more than anything. If customers saw the way our trailers were loaded, they wouldn't ship with us.

    Btw, we get 75% of our loads from CACH, and they are almost all this way.
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    The load quality differs heavily depending on what center the trailer came from. We have some loads that come in which are absolutely awesome. There is one place in particular (which I wont name) that sends us the most ridiculously bad loads. Over 70s on the top, smalls dumped all over the trailer, walls leaning towards you, etc,etc. Its gotten so bad that are sups have started taking pictures of the loads to document it.

    I can deal with a lot of stuff, but smalls dumped everywhere drives me crazy. Its a pain in the ass since we still use portable rollers. I would give my right arm for an extendo. lol
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    You still have portable rollers!?! :surprised: I would rather only have a left arm and an extendo, lol. Props man.
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    What's even worse is the extendo along with the rollers STILL don't reach the back of the truck. That drives me nuts!
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    I hate that so much! And of course they have to put the heaviest **** way in the back too.
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    lol... yeah those things are brutal, and the rollers we have are falling apart.... Every time I pull them in and out of the truck I have to fix them. :knockedout:

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    Quality control costs money...
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    That's true, more sad and funny to me now though. But having to put rollers in the truck is like 80's tech, lol. I would hate that.
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    ups freight memphis terminal loads some trailers that will give u nightmares

    they honestly just throw stuff wherever it fits, loading 1200 lb skids on top of 400 lb skids...you wouldnt believe some of the loads we get it, where literally every single thing that was on the trailer is damaged and has to be reworked

    its been this way for years but management dont seem to care, nothing is done

    i will never in my life ship with UPS Freight cuz i have worked other trucking companies and this isnt the way it happened

    and it wasnt that way with overnite either
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    When I first started on the Preload three years ago, my first position was unloading trailers.

    There were four doors to unload from, and I always got the last door, the only one without an extendo it used the old fashioned rollers instead. My supervisor complained that I was working much slower than the other guys on the other three doors so I was moved to loading trucks lol...so I thank the rollers greatly for getting me out of the hell I call the Unload...

    The unload is incredibly unsafe, my second week there I caught a huge splinter on the inside of one of the trailers (because it has reinforced wood on the inside) that shot under the nail on my middle finger, it was a crimson mess haha.

    As others were mentioning before stacking the over 70's up high will crush you indefinitely... so as a deterrent most trailer unloaders intentionally pull towers towards them, then back away quickly to create piles that can't fall on them, this is great quality control huh?

    Oh actually today an unloader, a guy just starting his second day at his new job at UPS somehow hit his head on the sort aisle and bled all over a bunch of packages, I only know about it because my co-worker got blood all over his hands when he picked up a box about to load it onto a truck...so ya quality control and safety at UPS aren't high priorities...
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    You can't forget packages inside get moved around when the trailer is in transit also making the wall move the boxes all different ways.
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    doesnt explain why there is no decent bottom to the walls
  14. bluehdmc

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    Maybe because that's the way they came off the belt when they were loading it? I really have to claim ignorance of loading but what is a loader to do if nothing but light packages are coming off the belt? Stack them off to the side until the heavier ones come down the belt?
  15. City Driver

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    stack the light ones on top of each other and throw any heavy ones on the ground and start stacking light ones on top of it

    you dont have to finish one stack before you start the next
  16. klein

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    I unloaded trailers too. Never thought UPS handeld packages like that.

    Always funny, to deliver those "accordian" packages.

    I always just told the customer I was bored, and had to play my instrument again.

    Anything with glass, barely makes it thru the UPS system, unless very well packed.
    Because even the packages marked "fragile" end up on the bottom of the trailer.
    I would get extra insurance, if I shipped something worthy via UPS.
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    Back in the day (this was 20 years ago) as supes we used to take Polaroids of the inbound loads, both good and bad, and send the pics back to the originating center or hub so they knew how well or poorly their loads were arriving. This was s.o.p. back then, is there nothing comparable to this nowadays?
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    Now we use digital cameras. sometimes we'll actually get pics back of loads that were built earlier that day from hubs that are nearby. we'll also take pics of poor load conditions and send them back to the offending hub. usually it's the some hubs over and over. it's rare to get any positive improvements unless the hub is in the same district as you are. i've actually had IE and loss prevention take pics of my outgoing loads to prove that load condition (retainer, loaded to ceiling, irreg. placement etc..) was good when the load was pulled off my door.
  19. JustTired

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    Pictures won't get anything changed. This company can't change anything unless there is a number attached. Figure out how to do that and you'll have hundreds of plans to fix it.
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    I did that twice before learning to grab from a different angle. HURTS like H-E-double hockey sticks!:biting: