Quarterly rides?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by over9five, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. over9five

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    Ups has replaced "annual" rides with "quarterly" rides here. Surely the management team has better things to do. If you think about it, for 81 drivers, this will account for one + full time supervisor.

    We have responded with a grievance.

    Is this happening anywhere else?
  2. ups1990

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    Here, in So. Cal. It continues to be yearly. Now, for those drivers who are constantly 1.5hrs in the hole, they can expect to be ridden with more that once.
  3. PobreCarlos

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    What would be the basis for the grievance? Is their some local rider that limits the number of OJS rides? The only limitation in that regard that I've heard of (which, granted, doesn't mean that they don't exist!) had to do with the number of times more than one mgmt person could ride on the car at the same time during an annual period.

    Beyond that, I've never heard of any limitations on OJS rides. Is it a local limitation?
  4. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    No, it's not. I read it the same way you do. My opinion was also that the contract does not disallow this. I didn't write the grievance, I'm just an insignificant pawn....
  5. sealbasher

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    If you are doing the job right,who cares if they ride with you everyday,the free lunches are good.
  6. gandydancer

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    Section 1. (a) ... The Employer shall not in any way intimidate, harass, coerce or OVERLY SUPERVISE any employee in the performance of his or her duties...

    Section 2. Not more than one (1) member of management will ride with a driver at any time except for the purpose of training management personnel. No driver will be scheduled for more than one (1) day?s ride per year with more than one (1) member of management on the car. ... The sole reason for two (2) management employees on the car is for supervisory training."

    "Overly supervise" is subject to interpretation by the grievamce process, and quarterly OJS may indeed be considered excess supervision if long practice is that annual is acceptable and expected. Since the subject is covered by the contract I expect the union has a strong case that it must be consulted and negotiated with on such a change.
  7. brownmonster

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    Up until this year our "yearly" ride was about 2 to 3 hours. I haven't had a full day ride with anyone other than an account exec in the 16 years I've been on my route. Looks like they are going out punch to punch with the drivers now.
  8. sealbasher

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    if the company and enployees worked together there would be a lot less problems,we are in hard times together ,we should be working as such.its not a bad job as anyone thats been there as long or longer than me, would probably be lost without this job,im on vac for 4 days and already miss it.
  9. ol'browneye

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    What free lunches? We don't get those anymore either, haven't had one in years.

    Although a few years ago when we were having the One Vision talks I got a free breakfast. I got to Denny's before my boss so I ordered the bbq ribs for breakfast. When he got there I told him I already ordered and he asked what I got. I told him and being the cheapskate that he is, he looked to see the price and compained that it was $11! He paid it but I had to listen to his drivvle for an hour!
  10. helenofcalifornia

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    Yeah, I was going to say the same thing: What free lunches? Our management can't even use their Amex cards anymore. That noose is getting tighter and tighter.

    And the latest memo I have read says no more Thanksgiving turkeys. We all knew this was coming, didn't we?
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Helen, you should just be thankful...
  12. Monkey Butt

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    Be careful ... you don't want to incur the Wrath Of Helen!
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Hence the "..."
  14. PobreCarlos

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    Not sure I see where you're coming from, in that I don't see how observing a driver 4 times a year is "over supervising" by any reasonable stretch of the term at all. As for past practice, I seriously doubt that the company would agree that at any time in the past has it been "accepted and expected" that drivers - esepecially those with performance problems - would be directly supervised only once per year...and I'm sure it can point to numerous occasions when drivers have had OJS rides numerous times during the year...often sequentially (say each day for 2 or 3 weeks in a row).

    As for Section 2 of Article 37, as I mentioned before, it doesn't appear to have anything to do with the situation....other than to indicate that, if no more that one multi-mgmt person on the car rides per year are allowed, then non-multiple (single) mgmt rides during the same period of time ARE allowed.

    Beyond that, I'm surprised that any employee would consider anything over once a year as "excessive" supervision, or as "harassment"; seems to me that such an individual would have a hard time functioning in any type of employment environment, and would be better off self-employed. After all, if an employee isn't performing as expected, then in what way could ANY supervision be "over supervision"?

    Again, it would seem reasonableness should prevail...and expecting an employer to be allowed to supervise those he's paying scores of thousands of dollars to each year only once during that period is - by almost definition of the word - unreasonable.
  15. Schnellfahrer

    Schnellfahrer New Member

    I wonder if telematics could fall under this. Also who cares how many times they ride along with you, as long as you perform proper methods it does not matter what your sporh is.
  16. some1else

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    how do they do 2 manager rides anywayS? we have about 400 pkg cars and ive driven most of them! only have seen one with three seats, a little jump seat slides out on rails so someone can sit infront of the bulkhead. imagine how much time that would waste if you had to move 2 people and a slidey seat out of the way before you can even open the bulkhead
  17. PobreCarlos

    PobreCarlos New Member


    Guess you signed-on after the time when there were NO jumpseats in any of the cars, 'eh? :-)

    Fact is, OJS rides throughout most of the company's history were performed with the sup standing up, or perhaps sitting on a carton on the way to/from the center. Not sure of laws limiting that now....although standing OJS rides were the rule well into the seat-belt-required era.

    Anyway, talk about bad on the knees......
  18. sealbasher

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    here iwont start the truck without free lunch offer,if no lunch good luck to my sup peeing anywhere pleasant
  19. vitabello

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    i,ve been a driver for 20 years now , and i have seen such a change in all of the management that we have. they are all afraid of loosing there jobs. and because of that they want to make it as hard on us as possible. so all i can say if you want a long relation with the big brown just follow all the rules, so that way they (management) keeps biting there nails every night not us.
  20. Braveheart

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    Things may be a little different in Canada but down here in the states it constant harassment during the ride. They count off the seconds it takes you to start car, open a door, load a cart. It is like we are prisoners.

    They tell you you can not have your phone on your person or in the cab at all. They write you up if you have the keys on the wrong hand or even the wrong finger.

    Like it matters which hand or finger they are on. They tell you which foot to step out with and how to walk and or step.

    I am not even one of the guys being harassed and I can see how stressful it is on the drivers. They distract you all day long while you are trying to work so you make little mistakes or forget which was your next stop or about that oca you got 2 hours ago.