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  1. A co-worker told me that I would be covered 6 months of pension even tho I was injured outside of work. I was on disability for about 8 months.

    Is that correct? Sounds kind of far fetched.

    We do have some guys that work 6 months and take 6 months off every year.
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    This would be in your contract. Here if you don't work. You don't get a pension contribution.
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    Was out all of last year except 2 weeks on workmans comp. No credit given on pension. You don’t credit.
  4. Yeah that's what I figured. But this high seniority full timer misses tons of work and strongly believes he gets at least 6 months of pension when missing time.
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    Call the pension fund. I was off 4 months on comp and got 444 hours credit!
  6. Here they pay into the pension for 6 months if you are in comp, I'm not sure about if you are in disability if they pay into it or not.
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    Union will cover your pension and healthcare contributions for 1 year of off the job disability here. Also pay you 225/week for the first 6 months, 275/week for the second 6 months. Not much but better than nothing.
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    Here you must have 1801 hours worked per year to get full year pension credit, not sure how they pro-rate it for less time.