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  1. Rgt85

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    I'm on a call block and got put on a run from Memphis to Whites Creek then from Whites Creek to Amazon at Lebanon, TN. A straight run from Mem to Amazon at Lebanon is listed as a mileage run on our mileage sheet, but I was told by a supervisor since it was 'Extra' it's not considered mileage run, however, I did run over 500 miles for the day. Is this just a bunch of BS they are making up? I went ahead and filled out a mileage sheet just in case.
  2. cachsux

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    Keep track of your mileage and speak to a steward especially focusing on past practice.
  3. Future

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    You lost me once u turned off Main st.
  4. outta hours

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    Ask your steward or BA. Of course your sup will say it's not mileage. Don't ask management questions,most of the time the are just guessing. I would say it should be mileage , but you may have local or supplemental language the states otherwise on overflow loads.

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  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I am not that familiar with feeder operations so please correct me if I am wrong but I am assuming by the discussion that mileage runs pay better than regular feeder runs. Is this correct?
  6. brett636

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    Yes significantly better.

    To answer the posters question, I agree that any run that runs over 500 miles should be mileage per the contract, but even with nearly 4 years in feeders what is and is not a mileage run does seem to be a little more blurry than that. We have runs that go to the same building and some are mileage and some aren't based on what loads are taken. It would be best to ask a steward as they would know what is past practice in your area, but without having good knowledge of your feeder operations its hard to say why or why not that is mileage versus hourly.
  7. raceanoncr

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    If it's just an extra run, no, it's not necessarily mileage.

    If it is a regular mileage run that you just happen to fill in on, then, yes, it is to be paid mileage. It doesn't matter if you are cover or not. If the run pays mileage, whoever runs it for the week or just a day, gets paid mileage.

    We have several runs here, I said HERE, that go to the same relay point. Some are mileage some are hourly. It just depends on how "hot" the company thinks they are when setting them up and bidding them.

    It also doesn't matter if it is over 500 miles. Just because it is doesn't mean it HAS to be mileage.

    And, Upstate, as far as paying better? Well, that depends. All that really means is that you run balls to the walls, knocking everyone outta the way to get out and get back. Usually, no hooking or unhooking. Just pre/post (I'm laughing inside now) tripping and walk away. I got paid 1 1/2 for all delays, either before or after run. For instance: If I wasn't hooked up, that's a delay. If I had to unhook when home, that's a delay. Put trailers away, that's a delay. Go to the shop, that's a delay. I usually had to do all this. No big deal, I just did it and got paid in humongous $.
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  8. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Whites Creek is subcontracting many of the mileage runs right now.

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  9. whistle pig

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    It has to be an actual bid mileage run. That is all they will pay mileage on. If it's just an extra load, it's hourly.

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  10. cachsux

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    You made minimum wage for driving. The real pay was for trusting the yokel that hooked up your set.