Question about sorting!


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How the heck am I going to be able to memorize all the zipcodes. ( the states I am doing okay at, but still don't have them down to a t )
Friday was my first day in the hub and all I can say is my hats off to yall that been sorting for years!
I know that after time I will get better and faster, but I just don't know if I can remember all my zips for tx. Then I look at my sheet when sorting and forget everything that I already had memorized. It is an enviroment like no other!

I keep telling myself I can do this , I can do this. I can make it a week if I can make it a week then I can make it 2 weeks and so forth.
I made some flash cards and should be studying them. So off I go to study.


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Your memorization of the zips and the states will improve with time as you work more and more. Eventually, it will be second nature to you and you will not even think as you work. One thing that made me a good sorter is that I took the sort test on the computer in the training room at least a couple of times a week. UPS will pay you 15 minutes for you to take the test once per month. The test will have a tons of your local state questions on it and believe me it helps. Give it a shot.


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:thumbup1: Flash cards are an excellent idea, especially if you physically practice moving the cards to imaginary belts like the sort aisle is laid out. Also, some ZIP breakdowns can be easier to remember by actual city names. If they don't give you those & there aren't too many, go to USPS website and make your own list. Computer? Training room? :confused:1 They got rid of ours about 6-7 years ago. Hah! Just another example of the asshattery that's put my hub @ the bottom of the region month after month after month. So instead of learning the sort and advancing in the hub, possibly putting in for pt supe and trying to straighten out that mess, I've resorted to reading my Union Contract for amusement. It's amazing how many good ideas are in there to run a hub smoothly.:whistling :shifty:


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How the heck am I going to be able to memorize all the zipcodes. I thought the human readable part of the Worldship label took care of that!


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Well, first you get a little mirror. Then you get a razor blade and make 2 straight lines with the white powder. Then you get a straw........what?.........oh, sorting, I thought they said snorting.

n e v e r m i n d !! :)


HA! more...thats the first thing that came into my mind too!
But really Ms. txmomof2b2g ...just take it slow,nobody learns
it all in a day a week or a month.They know this.Relax and show up every day and they will be happy.


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It will come with time, it takes doing it. Memorizing is one thing doing it is another. I still split the belt in my sleep and I have not sorted in 15 yrs. Now thats scary. Someone will ask me a zip of a NE city, and It just rolls out of my head, yet I cant find my glasses I put down 2 minutes ago.


Just learn it enough to pass your masters and retentions, the rest will just take care of itself as time goes by. Just make sure you keep telling them you want to sort. I know some sups are dumb and will put new sorters to do other tasks, and then when the veteran sorters leave they just throw you in there expecting you to sort at X PPH.

Also don't get down on yourself when you start to get a streak of missorts. It will happen, just learn from it, and do better the next time. If someone gives you crap about it, just ask them how many missorts they got they started out. That usually shuts them up.