Question about the DOK as it applies to seasonal drivers.

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    I'm going to be starting my second year as a seasonal driver. My first year I did all the computer DIAD training, studied the DOK, took a road test, etc. It seems there is a new policy that all seasonal drivers must take a 6 day driving safety class?? Is this correct?

    Also, I know from last year that the company is extremly adimant about knowing the DOK. Just wondering if the rules have changed to the point where... If I don't have the DOK totally memorized by the end of this class, will they ask me to return my uniforms and say hit the road?

    I know last year they wanted all the drivers to know the DOK by the end of the season... to even be considered for future employment, but it wasn't a fire or hire type situation.

    Also, can anyone give me an idea of what kind of changes will be in the new contract... and how it will effect veteran drivers?

    Thanks, Dan
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    I'm not sure if it applies to package as it does in feeders, but guys have disqualified from feeder school for not knowing the DOK. For a regular FT package car driver, I'd say they would need to know DOK for qualifying purposes (during class and during their first 30 days on the road before they attain seniority) but after that, it isn't a condition of employment and is not required.

    As a seasonal driver/RTD, I would say you should know it just to make life a little bit easier.
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    whats the problem? just do what they ask. i started as a seasonal with 5 other drivers. ended up being the top driver of the season and the following May they asked me to work FT. that was 25 years ago.
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    Wait till November, they won't care if you can memorize how to spell your name, as long as you have a clean record. Much like everything else concerning safety, they speak about how important it is but when it comes to actions they leave you to your own devices.
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    Im over this dok bs. We gotta find a way to kill that dok once and for all. Their going way too far with it its starting to piss drivers off severely. Some of the older drivers are :censored2: about it bad.
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    Remember back when just regurgitating the dok was enough?? Now they want's ridiculous.