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    Here is my question, I have been working as a PT pre-loader now for 3 years. Three months ago I was sent to driver school. This school was at a different Hub than the one I work at. While there I found out this Hub is in need a lot of drivers. During my time in school I was asked to transfer to that hub as this would allow me to drive basically right away. I said I would think about it, reason is this Hub is 50 miles one-way from where I live.

    After returning from school, I talk to the driver Sup about running Sat. or Utility. I was informed that I would not even be a on-call person since I had so many people above me. I then asked about when they thought I was going to able to drive at all. I was told it could still be 2-3 years in my current Hub before I could drive. That's not to say I would not get a random Utility run from time to time with vacations and sick calls.

    So after finding out this information, I contacted my HR guy and informed him I was interested in transferring to the Hub I went to school at to be a FT driver. At this point he informed me I cannot transfer to become a driver as I am currently a PT pre-loader. I would have to transfer and work PT for at least 6 months before I would be asked to drive. This came as a kind of shock to me as when I was asked the first time, I was advised by 2 different people that if I transferred, I would transfer to become a full time driver right away. While in school I found out this Hub had people in driver class with less than 5 months and they exhausted there bid list. Not to mention out of the 20 drivers that passed the class before mine, 18 washed out/failed during their 30 day period. Just a few weeks ago I heard this Hub was hiring drivers from outside the Hub. I really don't understand what that last part means.

    So after my story, this is my question: How come I'm being told that if I transfer I would have to work as a PT'er? I was told while in school by 2 different HR guys that if I transfer it would be to become a driver, not to work PT. One of the HR guys is the HR guy in my Hub. So he has changed what he said while I was in school. I have asked to talk with the HR guy in the Hub that needs all these drivers, he has yet to return a phone call in about 2 weeks.

    So, can you transfer as a PT'er to a different Hub needing drivers and drive right away? Provided you have the training you need before you can drive. Or since I'm a current PT'er i'm unable to do so, would have to transfer as a PT'er, wait for seniority then become a driver?

    Sorry for the lengthy first post, any help would be great.

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    In areas that allow union employees to transfer, they may do so only within their local (exceptions apply for educational transfers), they must transfer into the same job classification, their seniority will be end-tailed for bidding purposes & they must wait 6 months to be eligible to bid. In other words, your HR rep correctly informed you: you will transfer as a PTer and then after six months, you may bid for a FT driving job but with the seniority day effective the day you began at your new building.

    You were told differently because either:
    a) the hub was desperate enough for drivers that management was able to pull some strongs; or
    b) management was wrong, and HR would've corrected them anyway.

    In any event, there's nothing you can do since the union won't recognize what you were previously told (you turned it down anyway). You can talk to that manager, or your BA, but it won't do much.
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    Thanks Bagels, That is what I was trying to confirm.