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    Two people from my center, one a full-time driver the other a part-time loader both had several weeks of unused vacation. The driver quit after given two weeks notice and the loader was fired for misloads and doesn’t want to come back. The question I have is UPS required to compensate both of them for their unused vacation after their departure from UPS.
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    if you quit or get fired you get paid for any unsed sick or vacation time.
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    If it doesn't affect you, why do you care???

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    well both are good guys, thats why I care... the "If it doesn't affect you, why do you care" sounds like a UPS management motto
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    it states in the contract that if you get fired you have to pay back all wages from that calendar year with interest and issue a formal apology to UPS for making the company look bad
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    I have noticed that you like to whine about issues but do little to step up and resolve them. Get off your butt, get a copy of the contract, look through the Table of Contents, find the appropriate article, and go from there.

    Here, I'll save you some time---they both will get unused sick or vacation time as part of their final paycheck(s).
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    Definitely not management. I just put myself first before I worry about people who aren't employees anymore
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    I stand by my initial advice and thank you for your advice. Dave.
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    Who :censored2: in your Cheerios ? I didn't see any whining in the OP....wanna point it out? The poster just lined out what happened and asked a question. What's wrong with that, isn't that the partial purpose of this forum? Would getting good info on a subject and passing it on to others not be stepping up and helping to resolve an issue?
    Dave, lately you've been awfully caustic to people without apparent justification. Are you trying to earn the reputation that a few of the other posters have tried to pin on you? Personally, I think you are better than this kind of reply.
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    They need to file to get their vacations paid to them.

    Sick days must be used however.