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    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to BrownCafe and UPS and I'm a little concerned about the UPS employment/hiring process. I did everything normally, like register for sort observation, bring official ID, etc. I did the tour/one-on-one interview w/3 HR professionals and hiring manager; everything went very well. I did not have to come back for a second or third interview, if applicable.

    From the initial registration to the date of the sort observation and for 15 days after the tour/interview, my application status said "Active" all that time. It even said (for 15 days after) that I was scheduled to meet a HR rep at the preselected date and time, like I never attended the tour. I could also see all application details, like personal contact info, employment history, etc. I emailed the HR professionals and two replied within 24 hours.

    One said this: "Hi T*, thanks for following up. We're still going through all the applications; when we have something for you, we will be in touch for the next steps." The other HR person said this (5 hours later): "Hello T*, if we got something for you, we will certainly be in touch."

    I checked my application status later the same day and noticed it said "Application On File. Thank you for your continued interest in employment with UPS. This application does not need any attention at this time." I assume UPS ran a background check (and I have no criminal history or convictions and no history of drug use), but I never saw any pass/fail notifications.

    What does "On File" mean at UPS? Does it mean they have no open vacancies for package hanndler? Is it like a "waiting list," i.e. - other people were ahead of me and they got their chance before me kind of thing? I heard it might be bad, but could it also be a good thing with UPS in that they're still looking at you? If they rejected someone, their application status would say "inactive" right? If someone quits, moves on, or gets canned, could they be in touch like the HR reps said? And with Christmas coming soon, could they be in touch at that time? I heard Christmas is like a brain hemorrhage for the company and they need all the package handlers they can get. Should I assume the worst and just move on?

    Sorry for so many questions and/or possibly long post. I'm just concerned because I really want to get into UPS. I heard it's a great company to work for as an undergraduate.

    Thank you,
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    Thank you T*
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    Could be that they hired enough people and are keeping you on hold until more workers are needed, 15 days does seem long since I was called back and hired in a week. Chances are that they will eventually call you since turnover rates at this job are extremely high.
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    Hi DriveInDriveOut, Dookie Stain, and Snarts,

    Thank you for your quick reply. I do really appreciate your insight.

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    So if I understood your novella, you called them....spoke to 2 HR people who told you they'd call when something was available.

    Application on file means exactly that. They might call, they might not. Continue looking for employment elsewhere.
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    You shouldn't use your real name on here.
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    Good point----thanks for the advice.

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    It is a TOS violation. Just saying...
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    ...for everyone else....I get a free pass on much of what I do on this forum...
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    Too bad that pass is not valid in Fluff.
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    Don't sweat it. If you fog the mirror, you pass the test , you are hired:
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    [QUOTE="IVE GOTTA PACKAGE 4U, post: 2249684, member: 45051"Thank goodness that pass is not valid in Fluff.[/QUOTE]

    fixed it for you
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    Great quote.
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    What happened to Dave's other avatar?
    Did he trade in his Altima for a Dodge Ram truck?
    The suspense continues........
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    Only because you are amusing, Dave.
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    Check out Romper Room.
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    If only there were a stickied post for someone looking for a job that could answer some of your questions. That would be a really helpful thing I would think.
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