Question for Central Staters




Yep, this trend is occurring all over the USA irregardless of the industry.


Well they are a corporation, not a charity and unless there is a way to make helping us a positive financial move it won't happen.

The thought of a bunch of sixty year olds delivering for them has to be worth some leverage for us.


Treating the people well can be a "positive financial move". No one asks to be injured on or off the job nor do they ask for personal tragedies.

I had a personal tragedy occur to me in the late 1980's. Lost 2 1/2 years of employment due to a situation I didn't ask for and, no, it wasn't prison. The company wouldn't give me the time of day. I still remember that.

For some reason the company thinks an angry, hateful and bitter employee works much much better and is so much happier than one that is treated well and worked with.

I believe there are other Fortune 500 companies that realize that life happens and sometimes people are drawn into situations not of their choosing.

The true character of that company is illustrated by how they react to that employees plight.

Apparently our company hasn't developed that character yet.