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Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by volvolover80, Dec 20, 2008.

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    how much does the average tractor trailer driver make a year? im 16 and im starting to really think about workin for UPS. i have heard about all the "work your way up" stuff. when i turn 18 i will see if i can get a job working there and ultimately reach my goal of driving a truck there. ive heard from all over that UPS drivers make A LOT of money. i'd like to know about how much per year they make. and one more question, people always talk about how UPS truck drivers are always on the move because they got loads to deliver, how do you guys manage to make deliveries on time while still staying within the legal HOS?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Kid--do yourself a favor--stay in school.
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    go through UPS Freight not the parcel operation it takes alot of seniority to be a feeder driver but if u go through UPS freight u will start as a dockworker and u gotta get your CDL on your own time and money (but if u want to be a dentist ups will help you pay for it) average pay here is $23.50 per hour after all 2 years of becoming full time but they might cut wages for newer drivers also i think the road drivers make somethin like 54 cents a mile, if thats the route u wanna take but ups freight is a bull**** company it was formerly overnite and they knew how to run a company now its ups freight and the only thing they care about now is numbers numbers numbers you are not john smith you are employee #224563000
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    Hey Volvo, the above post is the reason you'll want to stay in school. Take your time, study and really think things through.

    Most UPS drivers are content with their lives at Brown. Some of us are looking forward to a position opening up in tractor trailers/feeders. That's quite a long wait, but some feel definitely worth waiting for. Hopefully this was helpful for you.
  5. cachsux

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    Like everyone has said stay in school. That being said if it`s your calling then you`ll have to put in your time,work through package car keeping your driving record clean,and wait for a feeder opening.
    Pay is currently 28.90 and will be 32.something at the end of the contract. The guys who have to make deliveries are the package car guys.
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    And I think pay rate for FT Package Car is what, 28.55? I think a thread with the starting pay rates of each position as stated in the contract would be an interesting read. Perhaps there's one like it and I haven't gone looking haha.

    It's also not ALL about the rate, but about the amount of hours too. I don't know this for fact but I would imagine that an average week for most of the drivers in my center is 43+ hours, so the OT certainly factors in.
  7. cachsux

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    I`m not knocking package now that I`m in feeder. On a hours worked/yearly income ratio I made way more in package thanks to bonus. The bad thing about feeder is you work for every hour of OT.
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    I threaten all the kids I see on rte with "do good in school or you'll be forced to be a UPS man...or worse"
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    hey Volvolover please, graduate from high school, go to college, get a bachlors deg., go to grad school. then, if you still have aspirations to work for UPS, great. but please, have that degree.
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    I think Kingpin actually had a valid point sort of, after you graduate go to college start to work at UPS and get them to pay for it that way youll gain 4 yrs seniority and a degree, if you like ups you can stay or fall back on your dergee
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    To actually answer your questions....
    "Feeder" (Tractor Trailer) drivers can make between 65 and 105k. It all depends on how much OT you work if any. I would say average is around 80k.
    I know I will hit around 88k this year and that is with an average of about 10 hours OT per week. Last year I hit 96k with an average of 16 hours OT a week give or take.
    Feeder drivers really don't make deliveries for the most part. Most of us move loads from one building to the next. There are some driver that make pick ups and deliveries.
    We manage to keep within HOS because we are electronically monitored and most of us keep track of the hours we work. Our runs are planned to keep each of us from going over 60hrs a week.

    Stay in school unless you like working nights/odd hours. It is certainly a dramatic change in lifestyle.
    I envy the 9 to 5 schedule many other occupations have. It sucks going to work when everyone else is sitting down to dinner or cooking out in the summer.

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    My Uncle worked for UPS for 22 years and was a feeder truck driver. He made over 100,000 a year. I worked for ups at one time as a part time loader and it is a great company to work for. You get benefits even as part time. I only had one complaint and that is during the winter everything was backed up due to road closures. well when the roads finally opened we had a lot of packages to move and we worked 12 hours with 1 10 minute break. Other than that i had no problems and I loved it.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    16 years old and already has aspirations to be a UPS driver? Wish my son had that kind of drive. Work part-time, see if UPS will cover your tuition,take a trade that will make this world a better place.
  14. First of all volvo do stay in school. The experience and life lessons there are so nescessary when dealing with this job. Kingpin I really take offense with a lot of your post.
    This job like any job gives you back what you put in. I personnaly couldn't be prouder than to wear the brown and grey. Sure it has problems but it least we aren't YRCW!
  15. Brown287

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    First off volvo like it has been said, get an education!

    Secondly UPS is a great company to work for, the work is demanding but unlike at other companies, here there is actually a pay-off.

    Third, Id like to say that we all work for UPS and you should realize that numbers is what bring in the job security!

    News flash Kingpin OVERNITE is DEAD you guys have been conquered by the mighty UPS the sooner you join the fold the better off you will be.
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    Feeder drivers make more than 95% of people with college degrees but it could take 10 years to become feeder,

    So if you got a college education in 4 years and worked you would probably be ahead money wise.

    Truck driving is a very demanding job. Most of us work nights and have to sleep days which is very hard. half of our drivers are divorced.

    mentally demanding more than physical. if you get in an accident you will be fired. you are nothing but a number here.

    If you really want to be a truck driver and being so young and not married yet, I would be an OTR ( over the road ) driver with a major company. they will train you. Do that for a year or two and see if it fits.

    Don't get sucked in just for the money.

    Do what you love to do and the money will come.

    Be happy. that's the best advice i can think of and what i told my sons.

    you won't be happy at ups. just read these discussion boards for a couple months.
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    I wish I could of gotten in Feeder since I first started as a P/Ter. College is way too much for some people like us
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Yeah, those books can get awfully heavy, and then there is all that reading, and the homework and...

    There is nothing wrong with manual labor but is this really what you want to do for the next 30 or so years?
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    Hourlies make way to much money at ups
  20. Bryishre

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    No the head CEOs make to much money. lol