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    Hey, I worked during peak from October to december, and when i was in training with supervisor I asked him what are the odds of me getting hired, he said there are none, no matter how good you do, we have no room for anyone. So I was about to quit that day, but i did not. I worked through peak I did three different routes and was under atleast two hours on each route. And then they had me do split routes abd i was getting them done by like 230 everyday. Now its end of peak and they still have me working, and now my supervisor doesnt want to give me up, he said I did excellent, and he dont want to lose me. So the center manager gseen my times and called Hr and told them to get me a job as air driver now, doing 5am to 10am tues-fri, plus staurday 630am-12pm. Doing this until May until summer peak. And then they say ill make seniority list by september abd my seniority date will start from october 2011. Now since Im officislly hired PT but not in union yet, do i get partial benefits, and am I going to get a higher hourly rate doing air driving? And do I get partial benefits?
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    1) As a part-timer, you'll receive individual benefits after one-year; family after 18-months.

    2) As an air driver, you'll follow the air progression wage.

    3) If you started working last October, you shouldn't have been a seasonal employee.

    4) Sorry, you've been lied to (welcome to UPS!!!). If you're now a regular employee of UPS, you will not be able to be hired as an off-the-street driver come October. You'll need to follow the bid procedure like everyone else.

    5) In much of the country, in the latest contract, UPS earned the right to use seasonal workers via the first three weeks of January (to cope with post-Holiday sales, returns & gift card redemption). My building (large--three centers) has a handful of seasonal workers remaining who will work part of next week. Some have been offered part-time employment and others have been encouraged to re-apply in spring.

    6) It's possible union employees may grieve the company's decision to make you an air driver without bidding on it, should any be interested in the job. If that happens, you'd be kicked to the sort.
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    I was hired off the street. And made it still. I really did good. But only me and another guy made it after peak. And friday had to be ourblast day because we would of made the seniority list. So the center manager told me they will make me a air driver until summer when guys tske there vacay and then ill make the list at the end of summer. Im at the airport hub. The one im at is big too. But I actuslly want to transfer to a bonus center thats close to my house. Because i know I can get done routes faster then the time they give. But are the just feeding me bs, or will I really make seniority list when they say? Because they were putting me places i never been before and getting them done. At the end my.supervisor said he was doong that to test me, and I was getting it done was faster then.he expected. But theres so many ogher air drivers that are trying to make it in, and they been there longer then ive been. so does that mean i have to wait until they all get in before i do? Because the center manager said 3 guys are retiring tgis april and august, so ill be in then, but theres other guys ahead of me.
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    Maybe they can get you in as a part-time air guy.

    Yes, in may u can go seasonal again and cover routes for Summer Vaca period, but NO, it doesn't count towards you qualifying for a perm. full-time bid.

    I'been doing it for yrs. work part-time air. Get Cover summer fulltime routes and peak cover routes. This stuff is all seasonal and does not count as qualify time. IT also doesn't matter HOW good your #'s ARE!!!

    When a full time position opens up it has to be bid on by seniority.

    Unless you get lucky & no insiders with more seniority bid on position you will be outbid.

    It doesn't matter if they have NO driver experience and even if they are no good. If they have seniority over you and pass the tests @ integrade they will get the position 1st.

    Maybe you will get into Air op part time. They still have to make that position available to all insiders 1st and only then if no-one takes it can you have a chance.
    Any further qustions call your mamma. We have millions of these threads already up so do us all a favor & look these matters up b4 u regurgitate a new, OLD, thread.
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    Well the center manager told the air supervisor to work me 6 days out of the week instead of 5. He told him to get as much hours as he can. And the head HR guy tild me when I do make seniority my time will start from the time I started back in Oct 2011.
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    Time worked as a seasonal employee does not count toward seniority. As I mentioned, in some areas, seasonal has extended through the third week of January (in other words, via next Saturday).

    Once you're a regular employee, the company cannot gift you a driving job -- you must follow the bidding process. It could be that most of your hub is IAM and thus there's little or no IBT interested / eligible for driving and thus it's possible you may be a regular FT driver very quickly. If that's the situation, I'd give up on switching to another center, because it will not be in your best interest (you'd likely spend years as a PTer).

    And BTW -- it's no uncommon for seasonals to tear routes up. Most are young, trying to impress & earn a job. Regular drivers know the physical wear & tear and ultimate result (more work, stricter time studies).
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    If you were hired in Oct., you shouldn't be seasonal to begin with. And FT / PT seniority are two different ball games. Somebody's feeding you garbage.

    Air drivers are only scheduled 5 days, either Mon.-Fri. or Tues.-Sat. Mon.-Fri. have the option to work Sat., however.
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    Well when the head HR guy called me, he told me my seniorty date will start from the first day I worked at Ups. and the center manager told this to the air supervisor to also work me mondays. And I understand young guys tear routes up. But when you do a route cold, and you ndver been in that area before in your life, and they just give you 205 stops and a map and tell u to go. And when im done at 230. My supervisor could not believe it. But i dont know whats going on I think the center manager trying to sneak me in.
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    WHY DID YOU BLOW OUT THE ROUTES where you unsafe just because nothing happened dosent mean you were unsafe. and do you think you should jump ahead of all the people who put in there dues? just wondering? and as far as your center manager pulling stings to move you up , witch i really doubt i guess he forgot to read the contract , and are you in the union? just wondering or are you to good for it?
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    1) Seasonal applies to employees who began working in Nov. and Dec.
    2) PT and FT seniority are completely different. If a PT employee progress into FT, his seniority date will be the date he moved into FT and his PT seniority will re-flag as "company seniority."

    It could be that you're already considered a regular, permanent full-time employee. If that's the case, it's common for new FTers to spend slower months (Jan.-Apr., Sep. & Oct.) on-call early in their career. Many work double-shifts inside, or air drive. Others collect unemployment. Your seniority date is NEVER retroactive, and there's no way you could go from FT -> PT and retain the former's seniority date. Something isn't making sense here.

    And BTW... read the numerous postings from seasonal drivers on BC from the last 10 weeks or so... they're all blowing the routes (most are kids desperate for a job). We had many 20-somethings (and even though I've been with UPS for almost 13-years, I'm still a 20-something, albeit not much longer) blow out routes during peak. As a reward, they've been offered jobs unloading 53' trailers for $8.50 an hour :).
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    Yes, I underdtand. But I would stay at ups if they offer me 8.50 to unload trucks. All the guys at my center was on the supervisor ass because i wasnt no slacker. I was done early and helped everyone else. But the guys that are there for years needed help everyday, and otger guys are sick of it. I bust my ass the whole peak and yes I was safe. I did everything by the rules, especially since they have that telematics now. And I dont understand why the guys that went on vacay and i did they route cold abd i blew it out they had an attitude with me. They should i understand im trying to get in. You guys are not understanding i was on a different route everyday, and goong out there cold no knowledge of the area and getting it done fast.
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    No, we DO understand. Many of us have been with UPS for years -- some regular contributors have worked for UPS longer than you've been born. We frequently see young drivers blow routes out. But we're also aware that the body can handle only so much and that most of the young drivers' pace will slow down -- usually much sooner than later. Management is aware of this as well. You were auditioning for a job, after all. Honestly, I commend you for your hard work ethic and your desire for a job with UPS -- I'm merely telling you you did nothing special (read the numerous postings from season drivers written over the past 10-weeks) and nothing most of us aren't not capable of doing. Honestly, we have a 28-year-old who drove for FedEx Ground for 6 years before trying to make the transition to UPS (FedEx Ground is low pay). He tore the routes up seasonally, thought he was going to be gifted a driving job but then got tossed into the unload for $8.50/hour. He drove again seasonally, tore the routes up, and again got tossed into the unload. He hangs out with management every single day, hoping to be gifted a driving job. It hasn't happened... and it won't happen. He whines every day that he should've stayed with FedEx Ground but within a few years, he'll come out ahead with UPS.

    None of that was my point. Something doesn't make sense here. If you worked in October, it's possible that you're not seasonal. But it's not possible for you to be hired as a seasonal, re-hired as a part-time air driver, gifted a full-time driving job, then have your seniority retroactive to your seasonal service. You need to contact HR and inquire about your employment status ('am I a regular FT employee' ... 'am I being re-hired as a part-timer.' etc.) If you're being re-hired as a part-timer, you will NOT be gifted a driving job... you'll have to sign the bid sheet for seasonal coverage, then sign the bid sheet for a FT driving job - when it becomes available. If you work in an air hub, it's very possible many of the PT are IAM and not eligible for FT driving, and thus you could be driving quickly.
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    I believe point #1 only applies if you are in the UPS health insurance plan. If you are covered by a Teamster sponsored plan, like here in New England, you get whatever part-time health insurance benefit the plan gives, and you get it after about four months or so.

    Point #3 may also be the way they do it in your area, but in New England, and maybe elsewhere, October is part of the Peak Season period.
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    Ok, my supervisor said he was trying to work me as long as he can, and the fridat after new years, he said that will be my last day, abd then the center manager sent me a message in my diad saying ill be working the following week, so i came back they gave me two more different routes. I bkew them out, came in thursday, and my supervisor said the center manager wants you to call the head of hr, here goes his #, make sure u call him today. The head of hr ended up calking me saying the center manager contacted him and said i did great, and he doesnt want to lose me but doesbt have a opening until end of summer. So he said we want to hold on to you and keep you busy until that time, so they offered me the air driver thing, thats only 30 hours a eeek. He said ill do that until may, and they will put me back on as reg driver again, and he said when i make the list which will most likely be by the end of next peak he said they will put my seniority starting date october 2011 the time i was first hired for peak. And i came in friday abd center manager pulled me abd air supervisor to the side abd explained what was going on, and he was telling me three guys are retiring, and ill be in, and said i got my foot in the door. And he also told the air sup to work me 6 days instead of 5. Im just not sure wgat to believe and what to expect, and am i going to get a higher pay rate since i switched and officially hired as PT air driver...
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    I would say the chance of somebody in the union filing a grievance on how you got a position they have been waiting for is about 100%. With that being said your management team is going to end up in hot water and your going to be out of a job.
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    Yea, that sounds about right. Smh. All well, guess ill judt have to wait and see. The air driver thing just seems boring, yea its easy. But i enjoyed doing 170 stops, felt like it was a competition, to get it done fast, but do it safe. I enjoyed it. But i guess ill be doing this air driver thing doing 20 stops a morning. Boring.
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    The only thing we can advise is for you to contact HR and determine your employment status (FT or PT). You may already be classified as a FT, off-the-street hire and will be air driving while laid off. However, if you were seasonal and are being hired as a PT air driver, then there's no way UPS can give you the October seniority date nor gift you a driving job come fall. It's very possible that there's few eligible PT within your air hub and thus you may be driving very soon, but once hired PT, you'll need to go through the proper bidding process. I know you're resistful to the idea, but regardless of how well you performed UPS is a union shop and should you be gifted a driving job, you can bet grievances will be filed and you'll be kicked back to PT (you may even lose the air job). Believe it or not, management has been known to make frivolous promises in order to extract as much productivity as possible. As far as wages... if you're air driving, you'll follow the air driver progression, not the FT.

    I stand corrected on PT benefits (actually, I kinda thought about that after I posted it), but I wasn't aware Oct. is peak in some locations. Thanks for the corrections.
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    A few possible mistakes in this discussion....

    -Seasonal period (at least here) ends for the summer after the second week of September and starts up again the first week of October.

    -If he is brought back within 90 days (again, here) his seniority date will revert back to when he first started AND he would not have to make book, as he already worked for the 30 days.

    -If hired on, he would immediately recieve any and all raises entitled to according to his reverted seniority date

    That is all
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    Seasonal must vary by region. Nickfury7 needs to contact HR and see if he's being hired as a PT or FT employee. If it's the former, then there's no way his seniority date will reflect Oct. should he not revert back till FT until fall.

    Nickfury7, what region of the country are you located in?
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    Besides all the spelling errors by the O/P?..... Got spell check?