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    I didnt know where to ask this so I figured, where else..............
    My grandson is a catholic, hes 7 and confirmed? So he has to go to mass each and every week? or else.
    Is it acceptable for him to go to my Baptist church, is that good enough when he is with me or does he have to go to a catholic church for it to be OK.
    I know nothing of the catholic religion. Any help is appreciated.
    And I dont go to church every week, the sinner I am, but I will to spend the total weekend with him.
  2. rod

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    Don't leave him alone with a Priest:wink2:
  3. toonertoo

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    Oh good one Rod, I knew that.
    I wouldnt leave a 7 yr old anywhere alone, Im not just a dumb truck driver. :smart:Hes is a precious little boy that I havent got to see much, now he lives closer, 100 miles instead of 1700, or 6000 or however far hawaii is. And I dont want my weekends cut short, I just dont know the "rules". And that was his moms answer leave him there alone, and ehhh aint doing it.
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    I can't believe he is confirmed at 7, are sure its not just 1st communion? if you are not that diligent at your church and Mom wants Catholic (meaning: universal) just go and sit,stand,sit,kneel,sit, stand just don't go up for communion with him. You won't be the only one some divorced people(still married in the eyes of the church) who still go will not be going up. Catholics are nice church going folks just like you, they will not bite and you will be preserving harmony between you and his mom. A little time well spent with the child and you can ask him about what he thought of the priest's Homily( the time he spends discussing the bible reading and what it means)
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    go to
  6. toonertoo

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    Thanks for the great info.
    I just really would prefer going to my own church, instead of his, but I am not diligent.
    Trust me from what I read, 7 is young. Not sure why she felt the need for him to be confirmed at 7.
    I know they wont bite, and are nice people.
  7. brown bomber

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    in some Catholic Diocese children are confirmed at the same time as first communion, this usually occurs in 2nd grade when children would be the age of 7 or 8 yrs.
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    I truly doubt your grandson is Confirmed.
    The age of seven is called (by the catholic religion) "the age of reason", meaning at that age a person knows right from wrong.
    If the child from that point on chooses not to go to Mass every Sunday they are making a choice to sin, by not observing the Sabbath. (according to the canons)
    There are seven sacraments in the Catholic faith.(these are the order in which I had to take them)
    Baptist (weeks after birth)
    Confession (at the age of 6)
    ( I think they call it something different now)
    Holy Communion (at the age of 7)
    ( In my day, you had to be 11yrs old and meet the bishop and profess that you would be a soldier for Christ and have him slap you on the cheek. I am sure they have changed that since then.
    Holy Orders ( becoming a priest or a nun)
    Last Rights ( they call it anointing of the sick, now)
    The best thing I can say about catholicism and all other forms of structured religion is that they give a strong foundation in basic ways to make a society function in an organized manner.
    I spent 12 years of my life in Catholic schools and I only go to church for weddings or funerals, so I might not be the best one to try and give you advice.
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    The child is 7, you may be able to ask him what he prefers. Or you could ask one of his parents what they want for him.

    I don't know much about this but have gone to funerals. I was told to do what was comfortable for me and that no one would mind. I didn't kneel or recite anything. Just sat quiet and observed. No problem, no one bit me. :wink2:

    Don't be afraid to talk to him about it. You just might learn a great deal about him and him about you in such a casual conversation. Enjoy him to the max!!
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    He is confirmed therefore not able to skip a service. His mother says, so thats how it is. I was not there for the service. As it was in Tx. Therefore I will be taking all four kids, ages 2 to 7 to 4:30 mass. Today........So I dont have to get up and rush in the A.M. If you hear of a lady with four small children being hit by lightening walking into a church in Ohio, that will be me.
    I totally enjoy all four of them, makes me feel young again. A church service will not keep me from spending time together that we never got to before. I have nothing against any religion, its just not something I do every week. I feel these kids will turn out great as they will have some religion in their lives, and learning right from wrong, etc. And it would be wrong for me not to take them when Mom wants him to go, and he wants to go. I would just prefer to go to my own church where I know what the heck is going on. I will discuss this with my son and his wife when the timing is better. Right now they are overwhelmed getting moved into a new house, etc.
  11. Tooner:

    In Texas it will be more likely you get hit with blue ice instead of lightning but keep your reconciliation up to date 'you know not the day or the hour.'

    We all used to get the last rites in IS before we ran the weekly billing cycle.

    I teach Catholic Education to teenagers (why? I don't know) and we talk about the rules of the Church all the time. They were derived for peasants in Medeival times, of course. The Church lets everything age for 500 years before its ready for the parishioners. Here's the rules, but since Vatican II, your conscience is your ultimate guide):

    1. Go to church on Sundays and Holy Days. (St. Paddy's Day is NOT a Holy Day)
    2. Go to Reconciliation (confession, penance) once a year.
    3. Go to Communion once a year at least, during the Easter Time (Lent to 40 days after Easter).
    4. Contribute to the Support of the Church ( God has everything except money.)
    5. Observe the days of fasting and absinence (used to be no meat on Fridays, now its certain days).

    In our diocese, Newark, NJ, you are confirmed a Catholic at age 14-15.

    Although I am Catholic, I don't like the church's position on women not being priests, priests getting married, and they should stay out of everybody's pants on reproduction issues, but its a lot more good than bad. I also believe that any real path of spiritual righteousness leads to God so no 'holier than thou' from this old UPSer.

    Go UPS!
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    Thanks peacock. They were in Tx, now they are in Ohio. It went well. Actually the sermon, small as it was quite nice.
    Thanks for all the support, now Im going to have a beer!:greedy:
  13. Tooner:

    Catholics drink wine....

    Go UPS!
  14. rod

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    I married into a Catholic family. I had to promise to raise any children as Catholics. When I get trapped into attending a Catholic service with my wife I call it an "exercise class". Up -down- up- down- up- down. If I was to get serious about religion (I basically can't understand organized religion as it all seems so Business like), I would probably choose to become a Catholic----I mean where else can you do anything you want and all you have to do is ask to be forgivin , say a couple of Hail Marys and walla--your good as new. What a racket:wink2: P.S. Some of the best drunks I've ever had were at Catholic funnerals. Seems like they always have to meet at the local Legion Club after the funneral.
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    My wife's uncle just retired as Bishop of Montana. I would think that he would tell you to follow the wishes of the parents. If the mother prefers that you take him to a Catholic church for Mass to meet the Sunday or Saturday evening obligation, I would respect her wishes.

    My wife grew up in Texas and has stated in the past that Baptists look down on Catholics. Don't shoot me....I have just heard this in conversation and am not passing judgement. I don't know anything about the Baptist religion so please forgive me if I am mistating the info!

    Here is the touchy situation. A 7 year old cannot be held responsible for not getting to mass. I would think that the burden of sin or responsibility then falls on the child's guardians usually the mother and father or God-Parents.

    I really think that it is wonderful that you are making a sincere effort to do the right thing!
    Hope this helps.

    There are Holy Days of Obligation - The next one is The Ascension. It is 40 days after Easter.
  16. Jones

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  17. toonertoo

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    Good article JONES
    I never have looked down on anyone. And other than in my childhood I have never attended regularly. I never thought my religious habits or lack thereof made me any better or worse, than the next guy.
    I am obeying the wishes of the parents, as I would have wanted my parents to do with my children. I dont have to agree, I just have to do it. And in return I will enjoy the company of my grandchildren. Fair enough. Thanks again for all the help. Have a blessed day:happy2:
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    I was confirmed in 8th grade. I went 12 grades in Catholic schools. My kids were raised going to church every Sunday. Since they are grown and gone, we don't go anymore.

    I find God in all the things around me and don't worry about the "building" I'm in.

    We just got back from Hawaii and God is definitely in those sunsets. He was definitely holding up all that steel in that heavy plane I was in and He definitely made all that water I was flying over. I feel more wonder in the world around me than I ever felt in a "building".

    However Tooner, in your case, I think you kind of have to respect the mom's wishes and the experience will only bind you to the kids and it's only an hour of your time. Enjoy !
  19. UPS Lifer

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    I had the same experience as you - 12 years of Catholic school -
    When my kids were little, we put them in Catholic school - one of my sons did not do well with the nuns and one of the nuns went way beyond hiting the hands or a spank on the butt.... the problem we had was she denied it and the principal stuck up for her. We pulled the kids out and put them in a Christian school with teachers who were also mothers and provided a loving atmosphere.....never had another problem!

    Needless to say we stopped supporting our church. Now that we are in Sedona, we started going again (not all the time). The church was built to take in the majesty of the red rocks and it is less than 5 minutes from our house.

    It is the pastor that makes the church! There is a positive energy within the the fellowship. About 1/3 of the church is filled with vacationers every Sunday. Very relaxed atmosphere. You can wear shorts and sandals and the pastor keeps the mass to 30-35 minutes! ....and they don't bug us for money-money-money - which makes it easier to give and to be there! The priest asks were everybody is from before mass. It is a nice way to come together!
  20. toonertoo

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    Now that would be enjoyable, and I dont mind going once in a while, and I agree with More, life and God is in the beauty around us be it a snowstorm from h** or a beauty of a sunset.
    I was thrown off when they all tried to stick their hands in a bowl of water. Not being a catholic I just figured they were misbehaving again. I will take the two oldest but I am never taking 4 alone again.........ages 2,3 5 and 7. :happy2:It was not pretty.