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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by brett636, May 14, 2005.

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    Recently I have been lucky enough to work a lot of double shifts in my hub. I normally work the midnight shift, but have been asked to come in early and work the twilight shift. This is the first time I have worked any doubles from the midnight shift as I had used to be a twilighter. Anyways, I was told today by a co-worker that my hours on twilight should be paid as overtime hours and my hours on the midnight shift should be my normal pay since I have to come in early to work the twilight shift. Can anyone confirm this for me? So far my checks are showing that I am being paid overtime only for hours worked over 5.

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    I remember hearing that part timers that double out only get paid overtime after 5 hours. In our building more people are hoping to double out rather than having a 2nd job in the summer. They are are college students and want the bucks!!}
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    Any hours over 5, irregardless of shift
    are overtime.

    Then I believe for drivers its any hours over 8?
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    <font color="000000">Overtime for p/timers only comes after 5 hours. If you double and work 5.5 hours on one shift and 4 on the other your OT will be for 0.5 hours. Not 4.5. If you were to work those same hours but without being clocked out between shifts then you would be paid OT for 4.5 hours. The sups usually try to divide the shifts so that you are paid for two different shifts. They don't want to pay OT for combined shifts. Sometimes there is no way around it though. P/t Air Drivers get OT after 8 hours. </font>
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    I've seen a PT sup go as far as post the OT worked on one day as regular time on the next day to avoid paying OT to the employee.
    Can anyone say falsify?
    This PT sup has since gone into pkg cars.
  6. fredly00

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    Having worked doubles, and earned OT doing so.
    Any hours over 5 for the day for a P/T'r are indeed considered OT
    Perhaps regional differences take place, but I doubt it.
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    "Can anyone say falsify?"

    Wonderful how they can reward each other for dishonesty.
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    Are there really that many sups (p/t &amp; f/t) out there that bad that you worked with?

    I appreciate the guys that worked preload for me and now do cover driver work. MOST deserve the money they make.
    Have one guy who comes in on Mondays usually at 5 am. Shifts the yard for me(feeders on and off) and helps with the unload, then he usually covers for someone, being a Monday.
    So he tells me by 1 pm, he is up to time and a half making $30. an hour, and has to be off by 5 pm due to the DOT regualtions.

    He deserves every cent.
    Most do in our building. Of course there are always exceptions.
    And it me off to see people who abuse the union protection being rewarded by going out and driving and making that kind of money.

    But of course the most important thing is getting every package delivered, every day.
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    mojo: ask your HR Rep to explain the new overtime plan for PT Sups to you. It is my understanding that UPS changed it last year.

    The way it was explained to me, you would get paid "premium pay" for hours worked between 5.5 and 8, then paid overtime for anything over 8. I don't know what the premium pay rate would be for you. Hope this helps.

    I was a PT Sup once upon a time and they paid me 100% for my regular sort, and 80% of my monthly salary for my second sort.
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    that is the way it worked, but the math seems a little funny at times. I may be lacking a bit in communication skills, but math has always been my strong point and I am still a bit confused on UPS math.
    Though right now, they want us out in 5.5 no matter what, leave a note behind for what is not done, and a f/t'er is to do it.
    Which is fine for me, get to plan the rest of the day and the 'numbers' work out well.
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    There are indead differences. Any shift that you are clocked out inbetween are not paid at overtime. You must work a continuous shift, with only a lunch break to get the OT. Technically, in our building, you could work all three shifts, work 5 hours each (15 hours) and not get paid over time, since each is two hours or more appart. UPS loves it part time work force.

    I see the big changes coming to the part time arena during the next contract. STarting pay around 9.50 or so with a top out of about 18.

    I also see part time delivery/pickup drivers each working split shifts, one in the early AM and the other the PM shift, for 4-5 hours.

  12. brett636

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    Thanks for clearing everything up. They must be clocking me out between shifts as lunch because I am getting paid OT for every hour worked over 5. If I weren't getting paid OT I wouldn't be working double shifts.