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  1. no name....

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    Hello, My husband works for ups and we are wanting to move to the knoxville area. Are you able to transfer with in ups or not? If so, does anyone know the process? Any info on this would be great. Thank you
  2. HR King

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    If the transfer is in a different bldg in State, check the contract. If out of State there are no transfers
  3. yeldarb

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    It depends on the contract. We can transfer within our district, which includes 7 states.
  4. No Name...

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    I read the contract and it does not state anything about full time employee's. I did find you can transfer (part-time people) for school reasons. I'm just not sure.......

    I don't know how to make this happen :)
  5. LKLND3380

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    In the National Master Agreement under Article 22 Section 6 I found
    Part Time Employee Transfer and it only addresses transferring for
    educational purposes... I can not find anything for Full time listed...

    If part time... Apply for a class at a local school and show HR that the UPSer is enrolled in school... IF a job opening is available a transfer is granted... I believe you keep the pay rate and benefits BUT I think you loose seniority...
  6. No Name....

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    I wonder if the school thing would work for full-time??
  7. Joopster

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    Yes you lose building seniority. I transferred for school. I still have the same pay and vacation, but building seniority started over. ;(