Questions about a red light camera

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Bigbird511, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Bigbird511

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    I was driving last night and the light turned yellow at a strange point and I wouldn't have been able to stop (I'm in a 5 ton/straight truck) I figured the safest thing to do would be to get clear of the intersection rather than risk stopping in it. Right as I was about to cross the line the light turned red and I saw bright flashes which I now realize were probably a red light camera. I'm going to tell my supervisor on Monday. Where I live a red light camera doesn't count towards my license (Thankfully) but I'm more curious to know if this is a big deal? I can pay the fine, and I don't make habit of rolling stops or breaking road rules. I've never even been pulled over by the police in a car or at work. I figured getting clear of the intersection was the safest course of action. I started in October so my 90 working days are up next week.
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  2. burrheadd

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    Dudley will be along shortly to take your statement
  3. Wrong

    Wrong :))

    No don’t tell them, act surprised.

    Then tell them you always set a point of decision for stale green lights and you had passed it, honest mistake and you took the safest course.
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  4. Indecisi0n

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    It's funny how you are already admitting guilt. Never ever provide them with more information than needed . You bringing this up just gives them more reason to use it against you . Don't say anything until they do . When they do just explain you had your point of decision at the stake green light, you reached that point when it turned yellow and processed as the methods allow . Nothing more needs to be said. You never saw any flashing light . Got it ?
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  5. Indecisi0n

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    Bro don't try and steal my thunder here . There's only room for one queen on these boards .
  6. Wrong

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  7. Indecisi0n

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    Test me ...
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  9. TheDick

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    If you get mail, make sure to contest it in court. In my neck of the woods the big corporation that admin the cameras can change the timing to provoke more revenue from your wallet. Theve been turned off in my small city.
  10. Bigbird511

    Bigbird511 New Member

    That won't do any good here. The cameras are run by the municipality.
  11. Box Ox

    Box Ox Well-Known Member

    It doesn’t count in most places because those camera systems are often innacurate in their timing and identification.

    I’d say don’t worry too much about it. If asked what happened, say you did as trained and the camera was in the wrong when it got you.
  12. Bigbird511

    Bigbird511 New Member

    Thanks. If I was in a package car it would have been no problem. But my truck weighs over 20'000 lbs. It was a rental too which are heavier than our company trucks. They don't stop as swiftly.
  13. ski or die

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    I wonder how you manage to hurt your hand and wrist.
  14. govols019

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    The rental company will get the ticket and then forward it to UPS...had that happen to a guy here.
  15. Box Ox

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    Loose Shake Weight accident on route.

  16. Integrity

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    Do you know for a fact those flashes were from a traffic camera or is it possible it was something else?
  17. Bigbird511

    Bigbird511 New Member

    I'm not 100% certain but that's the most reasonable explanation. There was also a car on my tail so it could have been him.
  18. Integrity

    Integrity Binge Poster

    If you don't know for a fact then there is nothing currently to report.

    I would just give the training about a stale green light and selection point if questioned and answer honestly if questioned.
  19. Covemastah

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    If the ticket isn’t in your hand ,, show or tell them nothing !!!!
    Fill out your r m v form for the year today !!! On UPSers. Com. No on everything , as far as you know , there wasn’t a Camera.
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    Wifey is a dude?