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    just wondering if any of you take your lunches with you to work and if so do you have any QUICK, and HEALTHY items, or recipies that you would like to share.
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    Eating healthy on route is not too complicated. I Usually pack a small cooler with an apple or two, a bag of baby carrots, a yogurt smoothie (Stonyfield Farms makes the best ones), and a sandwich (generally sliced turkey, swiss, and mustard on whole grain bread). I keep it cool with a bottle of frozen water that doubles as a nice cold drink in the afternoon.
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    All the fruit cups are pretty good and don't require refrigeration.

    Carrot sticks with a lo-fat ranch dip. Celery sticks (with peanut butter spread on them). If you press raisins into that peanut butter, then it's called frogs on a log.

    If you take a sandwich, make it on wheat bread. I know they say to use the lower fat mayo, but I can't stand it.

    Substitute baked chips for any other kind of potato chips.

    Hard boiled eggs are still OK....at least this week.
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    Keep KOOL-AID BURSTS Soft Drinks, CAPRI SUN Juice Drink and other juice drink boxes in the freezer. Take them out in the morning and put in lunchboxes. They will be thawed out in time for lunch and will help keep other food cold.

    Turkey/Apple Sandwich

    2 tsp. MIRACLE WHIP Dressing
    2 tsp. KRAFT LIGHT DONE RIGHT! CATALINA Reduced Fat Dressing
    2 slices whole wheat bread
    6 slices OSCAR MAYER Shaved Smoked Turkey Breast
    1 KRAFT Sharp Cheddar Singles
    6 thin apple slices

    MIX dressings; spread onto 1 of the bread slices.
    TOP with turkey, Singles, apples and remaining bread slice.
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    Tips For Packing Lunches

    Spread peanut butter or flavored cream cheese on a rice cake. Top with
    raisins, or pretzels..

    Pack a banana. Put peanut butter in a small container to spread on later

    Core and apple, stuff it with peanut butter, and wrap in foil.

    Make a pizza roll using a tortilla. Cover with tomato sauce, grated
    cheese, and anything else you like. Then roll up tightly.

    Crispy chicken salad
    This protein-packed lunch includes chicken salad in a pita (made crunchier
    and yummier with shredded carrot and potato chips), celery sticks with
    low-fat cream cheese, cantaloupe wedges (just a cup provides a day's worth
    of vitamins A and C), a fruit-roll treat, and strawberry-flavored milk.

    Blt wrap
    In a flour tortilla, roll up turkey bacon, lettuce, and tomato, then add
    sides of raisins, pepper strips (which are full of vitamin C), a
    crisped-rice cereal treat (which gets a nutritional boost from the
    vitamin-fortified cereal), and protein-packed low-fat milk.

    Pair peanut butter with bananas (rather than jelly, which lacks the
    potassium, fiber, and vitamins bananas provide) on whole-wheat bread, and
    add cherry tomatoes, orange slices (which burst with vitamin C), caramel
    rice cakes (a good fat-free snack), and low-fat milk.

    Bologna booster
    Sandwich bologna and American cheese on rye bread (with mustard, which has
    no fat, rather than high-fat mayonnaise). Then add easy-to-eat baby
    carrots (a great source of vitamin A), vitamin C-packed kiwi and nectarine
    slices, low- fat granola bar (a better choice than a higher-fat candy
    bar), and calcium- rich low-fat milk.
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    Double whopper, super sized fried... yeah thats the ticket... ;)

    But seriously... plenty of water,(yeah its part of your lunch) a mix of fruit, you can get them with pop top cans now.(or one fruit you enjoy)

    A nice turkey or ham and cheese wrap..
    lay off the mirical whip or mayo..

    I better go buy a bigger cooler.. off to camp ups on monday!
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    Moreluck, you should go into a business of packing lunches, I wish you packed mine!! Call it the lunch club, you could make a million....send them out prepackaged, to people who dont take the time to pack their own. Cha ching!
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    Sounds like a great idea tooner.....AND a lot of work. I'm not into work anymore. I'm always looking for enjoyment and relaxation. I won't even join a bowling league because I'm not into committment.....as in showing up on time and such. Retirement has made me very lazy and happy.[​IMG]
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    2 for .99 cent hotdogs from the local "Gas and Sip"
    Followed by generous amounts of candy from customers candy dishes. MMMMMMMMMMM!
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    During the summer I take a frozen pizza and place it on the shelf in my first section after I do my airs. By lunch time it is very well toasted![​IMG]
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    I put my lean cuisine or budget gourmet over the heater in the winter and its nice and toasty by lunch..If your heater works, put it on defrost...

    I dont blame you a bit moreluck, If I was retired I wouldnt commit to anything either.
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    1 question for those of you who bring your lunch? where do you eat it and if you set in your truck and eat it on the side of the road what else is there to do to kill an hour. i eat at a truck stop and i am usually finished in about 15 minutes so me and the guy who runs the route by mine just set there and talk for the other 45 minutes. i cant imagine just setting somewhere alone for a whole hour.
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    read the newspaper
  14. parttimejon

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    act like a feeder driver and have yourself a nap
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    Act like a real feeder driver and take TWO naps!
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    I bought lunches when I first started, but soon found parking to be a problem. I also learned that the route was often too heavy to go into a place and stand in line, then go eat. I started taking a sandwich and a thermos and just found a shady spot to pull over and eat for 10 minutes. This saved me time and money, and always enabled me to get the work done. I always would stop later in the day or evening and take whatever breaktime I still had coming. I often ate dinner while on overtime at one of the many restaurants in the area I worked. This saved me the hassle of fixing anything when I reached home.
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    My old standby for the last forty years has been a balony sandwich, banana, and something sweet to satisfy my sweet tooth. Get something cold to drink at the local convenience store alng with a paper and catch up on the news. It's not healthy but it's easy. I do use light bread now and only one sandwich instead of two...or three! And I'm down to a fat free pudding instead of half a bag of Chips Ahoy and the drink is usually diet, even though my chiropractor says the sweetener is corrupting what few brain cells I have left. On a long day, I grab a 3 Muskateer with 40% LESS FAT to get me through til 7:30/8:00!

    As for the hour lunch, we only get 1/2 hour. Why would anyone want a whole hour for lunch. Just gets you home a 1/2 hour later.
  18. One peanut butter sandwich,and one chedder cheese preferably on light rye or cracked wheat and a baggie with either or lettuce,pickles,
    radihes or celery.Pasta is excellent reheated on the old p800 heater,trick is to add about 3 tablespoons of water to it before you heat it.
    Put it on about 11:00AM ready by 13:00PM
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    I have got it made here.... My hubby makes my lunch everyday so it's alway a surprise at lunch time...
    Now I know what you men are thinking.... He is not whipped (well maybe some) but, I have the kids to get dressed and teeth/hair done and shoes to get on the correct foot.
    But, the funny part of all of this he had the choice to what he wanted to do and picked making our lunch and now my 5yr old is getting ready all by himself. So that leave me with only one to really help. My good - his bad and I'm not trading back ever.
    LIFE IS GOOD....
  20. Fact:moms get really sick of making lunches