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    VAC 0.00 D OPD 2.00 D OPW 0.00 H OTH 9.00 D

    i know these have something to do with vacation and sick days. What do they stand for.

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    I think OPD is option day,OPW is option week oth is other anyone anyone Bueller
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    vac = vacation, paid on your weekly average gross.
    opd = option day, you have 2 left. can take them on any day of the week providing it is not full.
    opw = option week, same as vacation week but you only get paid your weekly garantee. part-time - 20 hours/full time - 40 hours. your check puts the time available in hours.
    oth = other, usually sick days are here.
  4. Option Day?

    what is option day?
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    Re: Option Day?


    I beleive we only have them in the Southern Region. It is part of a vacation package that allows you to take your option week in individual days and hours.

    Option 1 = 5 consecutive days off paid at 58 hours for full-time and 29 hours for part-time.

    Option 2 = 7 days extra pay and not take the time off. 58 hours for full-time and 29 hours for part-time.

    Option 3 = 7 days in 1 day increments. These days will be paid for the first 7 days the employee does not work. The company tries to say that 5 of the days are sick days and the other 2 are personal holidays, but regardless, you get paid for the first 7 days you miss work.

    As far as OTH. I believe this stands for "Option Hours", not "Other". The reason they do this is for the guy who needs to go to the doctor or something and misses say 4 hours of work and then comes in later or needs to go later in the afternoon. He is charged his 4 hours and gets paid for them. I don't think I have ever seen anyone take this route as far as the "OPH". They are usually not at work and the number drops by 8 hours for full-time and 4 hours for part-time.