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    I was just looking over my pay stub, and I noticed that it put my days that I have off on the bottom. Been here for over a year and never noticed it LOL, how stupid is that. I know what VAC, and OTH means, but what does OPD mean.
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    OPD may mean "other paid days"....just a guess.

    OPD may include sick days, optional days.
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    I believe this is Optional Pay Days in which you should receive two during the year. If you were hired b/f 1997 they should run between May to May. After 1997 they should run hire date to hire date.
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    It means that they have payed you for a Option day. OPD means optional paid day. You get however many option days a year and alot of supervisors (in Jacksonville anyway) are instructed to code you option day if you call in so you end up using all your option days without knowing it. I was a supervisor and have seen it done many times. Its a way to screw you out of the days you have coming to you.
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    Thats just wrong...practice here is....do you want to use a sick day? That is the first question out of my mouth if I happen to answer the phone...it is unethical to use someone optional day without consent, and I would hate to see the grievances filed on that from Stewards who know better.
  6. option days in the pacific region - west coast, mean that you have earned two days that you can take when you wish for a day. these are bundled with your birthday pay (two days out here) in place of a vacation week.

    You can NOT use these days and take the vacation week instead which give you 5 paid days.

    Remember if they do not give you your b day and after birthday pay you are to be paid time and a half on those days and STILL recieve the days at a later date.

    Steward in Sac valley ( i forgot my log in sorry)
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    Here in the north east opt means personal day which you get 5 every may
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    So your argument is that someone should be allowed to call out 15 times the first half of the year and then go ahead and use the 15 you get paid for. Meanwhile the company should just go ahead and hire more people to compensate for the rampant absenteeism? You must not have been much of a sup?