Quick question for PT package handlers

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by c2cxjr, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. c2cxjr

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    For those of you who are working as a PT package handler, what is the chance of working more than the 17-20 hours that is currently offered? Can you stay late to load a few more trucks, etc? I realize that this depends on how busy the individual center is, but what has your experience been? Thanks!
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    I have been getting about 25 hrs. a week lately, and I am not the last person to leave my work area.
    It depends of course where it is you are working. The employees in your center/area with the most seniority get first shot at working more hours if they want them.
    Alot of the time though they don't, so let your supervisor know you are interested in working more hours and they most likely will (if you are at a hub) find more for you to do.
  3. fredly00

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    Well at this time of year... slim chances
    We are thrown off the belt when the drivers
    come on at 9-9:15
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    I average about 20-22 hours a week, but I could be doing 25 all week every week if I wanted it because of all the extra work available after the sort.
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    My paycheck keeps getting smaller. My center has been trying to cut hours for everybody for the past couple months. They have been messing with the start times, telling people to come in later or leave early so they can save on hours etc. I used to work over 21 hours usually, sometimes 22 hours. But, now it is more like 19 hours, and if I'm lucky I can get over 20 hours. They even virtually stopped hiring anybody.
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    Ive always been told that anything you work on the preload after 5 hrs is overtime. So I would imagine they want to avoid that as much as possible...........................................................................MULE
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    I am guessing you are a new hire or looking to apply at UPS... First thing is starting wage is $8.50 BUT if you are doing skilled work (loading package cars) then you get an extra $1.00...

    You are guaranteed 3 1/2 hours minimum...
    You get overtime for any time over five hours that day...

    You should be able to get 4 hours every day...

    As we get closer to peak the start times get earlier... you may start going in at 3:00am (2:00am Christmas week) and work till 8:45am...

    **** EXAMPLE ****
    So if you are loading package cars December 17 through 21
    Mon 3:00 to 8:30
    Tue 3:15 to 8:45
    Wed 3:00 to 9:00
    Thu 2:30 to 9:00
    Fri 2:30 to 8:30
    29.5 hours total worked

    25 x $9.50 = $237.50 Straight Pay
    4.50 x $14.25 = $64.13 Overtime:thumbup1:
    301.63 Before Taxes

    Most jobs you have to work OVER 40 hours to get overtime...
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    here in so cal we start at about 3:30 am .preload gets done about 8:30 or later. during peak we go in as early as midnight. we have to take a half hour break if you are going to be woking over 6 hours. we do not get over time here at all, unless we go over 8 hours.
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    Get on irregs and you'll get more hours then you want. I get 27 hours every week because our irregs are so heavy and we never get any help. We got 4 guys between us just to unload a whole center of 300 people.
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    :lol:I am in the process of being hired as a pt package handler 6-10 pm and besides HARD work lovely conditions and great pay ,wondering how hard it is to stay on long enough to get those benefits that are all hyped up?
  11. that sounds like our preload however we get the overtime after 5 hrs and no half hour break...or they never gave us one anyway :confused:1