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    I have had a part-time air route for about the last 17 years. Coupled with running a Saturday shuttle that gets me about 9 hours and extra work during the week I average about 36-38, sometimes over 40 hours a week. However, there have been rumblings about air jobs being eliminated in our building and there are a pair 22.3 jobs posted that are for part-time employees only. These are not bad jobs and I am thinking better to be proactive now than have my job eliminated and having to go back into the hub part-time until any combo job comes open.

    If I understand the contract correctly I would take my current pay of 22.85 to the combo job (inside/inside) and would wait 36 months to reach what would then be top pay. During those 36 months do I still get the bi-annual raises or just stay at current pay until the 36 months are up?
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    Under the current Contract, you stay at $22.85 for three years, without any raises, then jump up to the then Top Rate.

    However your three year progression will take you nine months into the next Contract. (Assuming there will be a next Contract.)

    No one can say for sure what will happen on July 31, 2013 when the current Contract expires.
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    Just bid a pkg job!!!!!Its a great place to be!!!LOL
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    Not to be a jerk, but our lowest 22.3s get bumped to pkg, last bid the bottom 8 or so bumped to package. jim50 may be seeing that next go around. lol
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    22.3's are going away in my building. We started with 5 and now have 3. As they bid to other jobs or quit, their 22.3 job is not filled.
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    Good luck on getting one,but someone has not told you that in 1997 the full time employees filed grievance at UPS about the 22.3 full time jobs. They were not allowed to bid on them they were for part time only. But, after we came bac from the lines the full times stated they have a right as well. So they filed and UPS stated they did not have to fill any. They took it the National UPS Panel it deadlock. It did go to a Fed. Arb he did rule with the union and the full timers stating the full timers have the right to bid as well and that UPS has to bid the 22.3 and part-time can bid as well. Part time could move into the jobs that full time move out of to fill 22.3. EX if 22.3 is posted and a driver signs it and a part time signs it, then the full time wins and the part time can then fill the driver spot. In our building full time senior out wieghts part time senior even if the full time person has less company time.
  7. UnsurePost

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    In our region it is simple:

    existing FT job: bid by FT'ers
    new FT job: bid by part-timers
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    From what I have been told these are actually new combo jobs and go to part-time only. IIRC, the bid sheets say year 9 on them and nothing about these being a re-bid of an existing job.
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    We're in the 14th Contract Year of Article 22.3 insanity, for what it's worth.