Quiet Friday Night


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Why has no one complained about DJ not making the Pocono 500? The return on UPS's investment is going the wrong way! I sure hope there is some kind of escape clause in the sponsorship contract.


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At least he's consistent....he either doesn't qualify or anchors the end pf the pack. Nothing to look forward to this season, and I thought things were going to change, boy was I wrong!


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Give them boys in Tokyo time and like previous poster eluded to they will be in victory lane....toyota is committed to success and will not rest until it happens....like the detroit companies ,toyota knows what wins on sunday sells on monday:thumbup1: BC


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Just a thought, UPS is spending Millions and not getting much "bang for the buck" due to DJ s lack of results. Why dont they just have him wreck in every race, so that at least they would get that 5 min(caution time) or so of fame(or failure) on national tv. The intentional wreck could be minor. The news papers would also have the pic of it. When he dnf,doesnt qualify, or finishes in the middle to the back of the pack he gets no exposure. Sometimes bad news is better than no news. He is a nice fellow,but it seems the only time I see him is when he's on QVC selling his merchandise. ps Im not a big fan of nascar.


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As long as we are on the topic of sports, My Belmont Stakes picks........Exacta Box 4 horses.. Imawildandcrazyguy +Tiago+ C P West+ Slew's Tizzy........ Will cost you 12 dollars but you get HALF the exacta payout...24 dollar bet gets you the FULL exacta payout.......Good luck...........