racial rhetoric

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Aug 31, 2011.

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    Why are there no apologies forthcoming from the likes of Maxine Waters and the guy that said the tea party would like to see him hanging from a tree ?? The racial rhetoric flew like crazy these past couple days.......it's like everybody got the memo. Totally orchestrated.

    I really think it's because it's a coordinated attack from the white house to weaken the tea party. President's orders, but it will never be admitted. He is sooooo afraid of the tea party exposing him for what he is......a weak non-leader.

    If you come out and say someone should go straight to hell and you're gonna help them get there.....that's violent rhetoric. The pres said he didn't want any of that (remember, in Tucson)......so where are the apologies? Why isn't the pres. scolding these people for what they are saying? Why? Because he ordered it!! :sad-little:
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    Democrats said it and thats OK to do...thats why. The MSM is mostly silent like usual.