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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by mr_roboto, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. mr_roboto

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    Can inside UPS workers be forced, against their will, to listen to the radio while working? I have enough to think about without being bombarded with loud radio talk and hip-hop music when I'm trying to concentrate on my work duties. If I turn the radio down, someone else will turn it back up louder than before. Our building vibrates like a teenager's car stereo boom box.

    The other day I turned down the radio and our center manager not only turned it back up full blast, but repositioned the speakers towards me.

    Shouldn't the radio be classified as electronic solicitation (which is supposedly prohibited on UPS property). Drivers aren't forced to listen to the radio, why should insiders?

    How is it in your center? Thanks for your comments.
  2. parttimejon

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    we turn it up too when an old man complains
  3. dannyboy

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    In our center, unless it is a portable run on batteries, they are not allowed. It seems that in one of our centers close by there was a loader that was sweating badly when he reached over to change stations, and that was the last thing he ever did.

  4. mr_roboto

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    parttimejon...has an old man ever filed a grievance about it?
  5. wkmac

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    I sent you a pm on something you might try.
  6. parttimejon

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    nope ...he just wined and cried...cheese with your wine??
  7. proups

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    I think the radios should be allowed, but they can't cause a safety issue.

    Roboto: why don't you suggest to your Sup that each person in your area have a choice as to what type of music is listened to, and how loud, on a rotating day basis? That seems fair.
  8. mr_roboto

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    parttimejon...we'll see who is whining when the radio is gone. hahaha i'm sorry your job is so boring that you need a radio to distract you.

    workmac...LOL...i just wanted to reach a compromise but i've changed my mind.
    i quess the radio will be off starting next week!
    (btw...the manager was using reverse psychology on me. he wants the radio out too but needs a union guy to do it)
  9. parttimejon

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    no...your radio might be gone...our issue has already been delt with. and the band plays on.
  10. tieguy

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    I don't see any problem with the radio as long as the volume is not too high where it interferes with safety and communication.
  11. local804

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    No problem with the radio in my view also. You know what they say, If the music is too loud, your too gosh darn old.Get over it.
  12. mr_roboto

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    local...Too Old??... that sounds like age discrimination. If I was too old, I'd be retired now wouldn't I?

    Why do you suppose the radio is turned down when the Division Manager is in the building? She's younger than I am.

    As I said...I turn the radio down, not off. The building's walls vibrate like a car stereo boom box. If that's not too loud for you, maybe you should have your hearing checked. I haven't read all of your posts but I assume you are a driver. Is that how your package car sounds? If not, why do you think I should have to put up with it if you don't?

    If that's how you play your radio at your home on your own time, that's up to you (your neighbors might not think so), but I'm trying to concentrate on my job duties and avoid mistakes.

    This isn't Happy Hour at the local Hotspot, it's a job. And what do you have against peace and quiet. Are you afraid of your own thoughts? How loud is your radio right now as you read this? Are your walls shaking?
  13. mr_roboto

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    local...26 year old Driver. Ok, now I get it.
  14. local804

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    Oh my god.....How much noice can a little carry radio make???? Happy hour`s I do not know about,dont forget that I work for UPS. I really dont think you can compare the two.BTW is you diesel truck too loud or did you write it up in your DVIR.Like they say, if its too loud then your too OLD.
  15. tieguy

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    I didn't think they sold those old radios that can't make any noise. Most of todays radios can crank it up to a level where you can't hear anything else.
  16. local804

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    Thats your problem stupid, you dont think........
  17. mr_roboto

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    local don't answer just argue.

    btw...i updated my profile just for you junior.
  18. local804

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    Wow Roboto,
    46???? I am sorry.I understand it now.You can call me Jr.Talk to you later pops. [​IMG]
  19. upslocal480

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    <font color="0000ff">Only in a union shop would a radio cause this much fuss. LOL [​IMG] But's hard to believe people are such ***holes that they would continue to listen to a radio at a volume that has brought complaints. </font>

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    Mr. Roboto - Are you going to Street Vibrations?