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  1. just curious if my building is the only one you can't get a rain coat at. as of the past couple years management has said the can no longer get the rain coats for us. we have the regular jacket but it is to hot to wear them when it is 93° outside. so now when it rains you get soaked or you can wear one of the regular jackets and get soaked from sweat.
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    I wear a Bass Pro Shops Camo rain coat when its raining. I have had a few run ins w/ my sup, but when I ask him to order me a rain jacket, he just drops it and walks away. There was an old, old jacket we had long ago that was waterproof, but I have long since worn it out. Go to Bass Pro, look around, there are some nice rain coats for warmer weather. I use mine to fish in during the summer as well as wear at work; sometimes smell like fish!!!
  3. dilligaf

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    I have asked my sup about getting a raincoat. He said that the the only centers that get them are the ones where it rains. DUH!!!!!!!! I guess they think it doesn't rain in AZ.
  4. here in florida we entering the rainy season where we get afternoon showers almost everyday.
  5. 1989

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    Never used a rain coat...I don't see the need for one.
  6. dilligaf

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    Yeah, monsoons. We are in our monsoon season too. Whenn the humidity gets up to 55% for 3 days it will start raining every afternoon.
  7. hseofpayne

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    Just buy you one like I suggested, and if your manager complains, leave it in the back of your car til you get out on your rte. You will need ont to keep your DIAD, checks, letters, etc. dry.
  8. dilligaf

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    I have a black H.D. raincoat that I wear during the winter. Have yet to have a sup complain about it. I theink they know it would be useless. LOL
  9. soberups

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    The Gore-Tex raincoats are about $150 thru the Cintas catalog as I recall. The UPS-issue jackets come with a removeable parka shell, but they aren't really waterproof.
    I am one of those hardy Oregonians who could care less about the rain. I wear shorts year around, even when it snows. When it rains, I get wet. I dont own an umbrella. I dont even wear a hat in the rain, unles its pouring so hard that I cant keep my glasses clean. Raincoats shmaincoats, real men dont need 'em!
  10. hseofpayne

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    Mama said I would melt if I didn't keep dry! And no, I would't float!
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    I'm north of this guy and I don't need / use a rain coat either... I just get wet.
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    Hey! I'll take that 55% deal! July and August here, 80-90% everyday!
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I bought one when I was first hired (1989) and have had it since. It works really well in heavy rain but I tend to get more wet by the sweat when it is raining lightly.
  14. ups79

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    Agreed, never could wear it because as you said, you sweat so bad under it.
  15. dilligaf

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    I don't mind the rain during the summer. It is quite refresshing. During the winter is a different story, though. There is nothing more miserable than being wet and cold. We get enough rain during the winter that warrants having a raincoat.
  16. ups79

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    I will sell you mine. What are you willing to pay for a eleven year ago rain coat worn 1 time?
  17. feeder53

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    I do not use one unless it is pretty cold with the rain, but when I do, I have a brown Gore-tex parka shell that I put on. It works well during those times without building up moisture on the inside.
  18. dcdriver

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    raincoats? I prefer Trojan brand they works the best.
  19. moreluck

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    Why ? Because they make an extra-small ??:wink2:
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    The best form of birth control is laughter.