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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by swing_drv, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. swing_drv

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    I hope someone can help here . I can't find anywhere to order UPS Driver's rain Jacket's. We use to get them from Cintas. I emailed them and was told they are waiting for coporate to approve the new logo. This was right after the new logo went into effect. If anyone in coporate monitors this site please let know. Thanks
  2. trickpony1

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    Blame the delay on "Homeland Security".
  3. outta hours

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    Buy a rainsuit at WalMart or someplace like that. Mine is bright yellow. And it sure does keep me dry.:thumbup1:
  4. HazMatMan

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    Isn't UPS supposed to supply you guys with the uniform?? shirts, pants, rain gear etc..
  5. Jack4343

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    UPS supplies drivers with the following: Pants and or shorts, short and or long sleeve shirts, jacket, hat, belt and DIAD pouches. Socks, rain gear, etc. is up to the driver to purchase. Socks are easier to purchase now but like the original poster, I have no idea where to get rain gear. The socks are just ridiculously expensive however.
  6. scratch

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    There currently is no official UPS raincoat. The jacket supplied is supposed to double as one, it is water resistant to some extent. I have the one with the old logo on it, I am going to turn it in this week for a new one. I still have my old Cintas raincoat I got from the old accessories catalog, I wear it now. If the weatherman says we will have heavy rain all day, I carry an extra raincoat with me, I alternate jackets when they completely soak through. I have one of them hanging up in the back to dry out. It stinks to get completely soaked.
  7. Ms Spoken

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    Here is a web site that has a real nice rain coat that is almost the same color of UPS brown. Look up the High N Dry Hunter that is the 12th photo on this web site. I have no idea how to copy the picture since I'm just an olé brown driver. One of my hunting customers gave this to me and I would buy another one and write it off on my taxes when this one fall apart. It's a very nice rain coat and if you get it large enough you can wear it over our UPS coat.

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    Good find. I like the attachable game bag too.
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    The new jacket I received from UPS last month is waterproof. It has a outer shell and removable inner lining for when it is cold. It also comes with a hood that detaches. It's not quite as nice as the thin one we could buy but it will do. Try ordering a new one.
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    I kinda like the chaps.