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  1. Brownee23

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    Hey there. I started as a seasonal delivery driver on October 25th. After peak they kept me as a full time driver. After peak my first day working was in January. I was curious if I should expect my one year raise in October or do I have to wait until next January since I started during peak. Thanks.
  2. KOG72

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    I would think whichever one of these two days is considered your hired day would be the one
  3. Brownee23

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    My hire date is considered October 25th according to the list in the building. But because it was during peak I didn’t know if it would still be my raise date
  4. Seasonal time doesn't count towards progression
  5. saintrick

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    Did you work straight through or did they lay you off for a day or two?
  6. oldupsman

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    It can if they want it too. If the "list" in the building he's referring to is the seniority list, and it says Oct. 25th,
    I guess it counted. Which means his 1 year raise would be in Oct.
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  7. Just telling you how it is here. If you ate hired that time of the year , UPS uses that's as a hall pass. 3 months longer to get your benefits and 3 months longer to get his progression. Do you really think they want to pay more if they don't have to????
  8. sikidiki

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    for me after i was laid off for seasonal in the summer, they called me back in october to hire me full time, that is my hire date and when i should expect my first raise
  9. barnyard

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    You will find out for sure in October.
  10. Tony Q

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    If your seniority date is in October then they owe you. I wouldn't press it until October of 2018 though. Since you have to have a year to get your vacation then you can't do anything. they should make vacation available, but if there is nothing then they can pay you off.
  11. oldupsman

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    The reason I said anything is because that exact same thing happened to me 40 years ago. I started in Oct.
    But I couldn't qualify for seniority until Jan. When I had my 30 in Jan done the center manager came up to me and said
    since I had done so well he was going to make my seniority date the day I started back in Oct.
    At the time it really didn't register but I remember him looking at me and saying, "Some day you'll thank
    me for that." He was right.
  12. Hopefully he gets his October seniority date. But this is a much different company now.