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  1. dirty moose

    dirty moose Member

    While i was checking out my on line pay check i noticed my 2 year raise had kicked in this week.

    Its at 19.25... is this right? i remember some of the guys telling me that this raise (the one before top raise) was 18 and change.

    One other question. Will my top raise still be after 2.5 years of driving?
  2. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    umm i dunno about the first question
    but the second one i believe if your in progression, you stay in your progression
  3. dirty moose

    dirty moose Member

    i think your right, anyone else have an answer to that Q?
  4. mainebrown

    mainebrown Member

    hey, i wish i could help, i get my year raise this oct....i can't wait to see what that'll be...should be 16 and change....but might be more if u'rs was more..
  5. Anonymouse

    Anonymouse Guest

    That should be correct. You got your $2.10 raise for reaching your 2 year mark. That takes you from $16.80 to $18.90. Plus, on 8/1/08, you got your $0.35 raise for a grand total of $19.25.
  6. dirty moose

    dirty moose Member

    that makes sense! thanks for the help

    anyone know if i stay in my 2 and a half year progression?
  7. hyena

    hyena Well-Known Member

    You do you fall under the old contract. The people that start driving full time after august 1st are the ones who wait 3 years before reaching top pay