Reaching my first 30 days

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    I'm a loader on day 28 now, and I keep getting informed of reaching my seniority, what exactly does this entail? I keep hearing it time and time again.

    My assumption is that it is basically when the trainers will stop having me sign for my PPH every day and thats it.

    What else is there?
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    • You become a 'just cause' employee, as opposed to 'at will'.
    • If you are in a 'closed shop' state (as opposed to 'right to work'), you are now required to pay the initiation fee to join the union; in addition to the dues, which are monthly. [or declare yourself as a non-member,service/agency fee payer]
    • Depending on the local supplement and national contract, you may be immediately eligible for some benefits, others you may have to wait a certain time period, or work a certain number of hours. For example (here in the Chicago area), you would now be immediately eligible for paid jury duty or funeral leave (4 hours per day), and 1 paid 'optional' week of vacation next year (2012)(25 hours).