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    Ok so im getting older and started using reading glasses I need them to read the diad and address on the packages… this sucks I find myself not making 9.5 as easy as I used to, do reading glasses really slow you down that much i switch from sunglasses to reading glasses all day.
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    Get prescription bifocals.
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    Well say it takes you 5 seconds to switch, then you have to switch back so that's another 5 seconds. Multiply that by a couple hundred times, and you're looking at a half hour of time over the day just switching your glasses.

    Yeah, it doesn't seem like much doing it a couple times, but if you have to do it a lot over the course of the day it really adds up.

    Personally I was surprised myself how much it ended up when I ran 10 multiplied by 200 then divided by 60. It came out to 33.3(repeating). I wear glasses myself, but I never really thought about the time it would take to remove them and put something else in place.
  4. get yourself a pair of progressive and transition lenses. You'll pay a little extra for the progressive lens but it looks much better than the bifocals.
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    Reading glasss are going to be the least of your 'slow-downs'.
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    I traded my bifocals In,for progressive.
    I like them much better. their is some trade off,in clarity.
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    And with more sunglasses...I've lost so many pairs of sunglasses over the
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    I got bifocals so I wouldn't have to switch.
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    The OP only need reading glasses so bifocals wont work.

    What you need is a eyeglass strap. That's what I use. Quick on and off. I also keep my sunglasses in the truck. I take them off before I get out of the seat.

    Getting old sucks but it sure beats the alternative!