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    Profits are up double didget again. Will we ever be given the proper dues as to why we record record profits year after year. More stops less time to due them and harassment morning noon and night. Anyone could produce these numbers if they managed like our great leadership. When 2013 comes let us share in these record profits
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    Just think Jal... there are people on this site trying to justify taking pay cuts
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    i will settle for a turkey
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    Don't we get "the bird" everyday?
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    Cant wait until they cry poormouth at the next contract.
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    Only if we are using the methods.
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    The record profits this year attributable to UPS International operations ... dig into the numbers a bit deeper.
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    HAVE NO the time 2013 comes around UPS will have reinvested all that profit back into itself...buying new planes,trains and automobiles and probably another trucking company or two.That will water down their profit margin and once again enable them to cry poverty.WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!
  9. DS

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    So the fact that they eliminated 2 cars in a 10 car lineup and gave the other 8 drivers 20 more stops each,means absolutely nothing?
    With high fuel prices,and overloading drivers in deference to streeting another car,(we) managed to keep expenses within range of previous years.
    Sure Nando opened up new ground in Switzerland,but is having us punch out at 8:45 every night the only way to keep costs down?:peaceful:
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    Canada is part of International ... thanks DS!
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    UPS is still turning a profit though correct? A nice one at that
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    Record profits I hear. :wink2:
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    you're welcome:angry:
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    I don't think they have broke any records in three years.
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    Record profits? Are you sure about that? Comparing the current ttm eps of $3.86 to previous years, it's not setting any 'records':

    FY2001 $2.14
    FY2002 $2.84
    FY2003 $2.59
    FY2004 $2.98
    FY2005 $3.51
    FY2006 $3.93
    FY2007 $0.36
    FY2008 $3.02
    FY2009 $2.17
    FY2010 $3.53
    current $3.86

    In terms of absolute net income--ttm net income is $3840 (in millions):
    FY2001 $2399
    FY2002 $3182
    FY2003 $2898
    FY2004 $3333
    FY2005 $3870
    FY2006 $4202
    FY2007 $382
    FY2008 $3003
    FY2009 $2152
    FY2010 $3488
    current $3840

    So 2006 was the year for 'record profits' at UPS. The current earnings fall short of this level.
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    do we dig deeper to see if this was from international, too?
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    Just as I expected :

    The Atlanta-based logistics company saw greater freight shipments and a modest increase in package weights as the economy began to improve, but UPS chief financial officer Kurt Kuehn said the domestic U.S. recovery has been "a little bit hollow."

    UPS saw its per-package revenue rise, primarily on the backs of rate increases and an increasing fuel surcharge. Kuehn said the company is now finding it possible to return to its normal rate structure, noting that the recession, and an earlier jump in fuel prices, meant the company had to be more flexible in its pricing.
  18. beentheredonethat

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    Using your own numbers of 8 drivers getting 20 more stops means the two routes they cut had 160 total delv stops. Or, 80 Stops each. Which means the remaining cars are doing about 100 delv stops a day. I think a lot of drivers from the states would take that deal.
  19. beentheredonethat

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    I'll admit, the profit does sound large, but as another poster wrote, it's not a record. Also, we still only make slightly more then $.11 on each dollar of income. That is better then we've done for a few years. But that isn't all that much, compared to other companies. The majority of the cost for UPS is in paying for fuel, driver salary, benefits. Our driver income is way way higher then FDX ground (or air). The UPS drivers make industry leading pay, with industry leading benefits. In the last 15 years or so, UPS has cut about 50 domestic districts, about 6 domestic regions, Consolidated many divisions and Pkg ctrs. While at same time mgmt is paying a good portion of the health plan and we are no longer industry leading in pay structure. If UPS didn't force production, we would quickly start losing money. Just think, if we add 1 route for every 10 out there, and kept the driver paid day similar (less spc, less sporh). That 11% profit would almost completely disappear.
  20. clueless

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    Copying-and-pasting from Excel Spreadsheet--here are the numbers for the last 10 years. I had to use operating income in the data since this is the line item for which UPS provides the breakdown. The first number on each line is US Domestic package, the second is international, the third is supply chain & freight and the last number in each line is the total operating income for that year. The numbers in bold indicate the highest for that category for the last 10 years.

    FY2001 $3,969 $139 -$146 $3,962
    FY2002 $3,925 $338 -$167 $4,096
    FY2003 $3,657 $732 $56 $4,445
    FY2004 $3,702 $1,149 $138 $4,989
    FY2005 $4,493 $1,494 $156 $6,143
    FY2006 $4,923 $1,710 $2 $6,635
    FY2007 -$1,531 $1,831 $278 $578
    FY2008 $3,907 $1,580 -$105 $5,382
    FY2009 $2,138 $1,367 $296 $3,801
    FY2010 $3,373 $1,904 $597 $5,874
    current TTM$3,657 $1,923 $675 $6,255

    For your reference, here are the components of the current TTM numbers:

    Q2 2010 $748 $521 $133 $1,402
    Q3 2010 $1,020 $419 $177 $1,616
    Q4 2010 $1,040 $537 $234 $1,811
    Q1 2011 $849 $446 $131 $1,426

    Furthermore, this is the contribution of each segment to total operating profits--the first number in each line is the amount contributed by US Domestic Package, the second by International Package and the third by Supply Chain & Freight:

    FY2001 100% 4% -4%
    FY2002 96% 8% -4%
    FY2003 82% 16% 1%
    FY2004 74% 23% 3%
    FY2005 73% 24% 3%
    FY2006 74% 26% 0%
    FY2007 -265% 317% 48%
    FY2008 73% 29% -2%
    FY2009 56% 36% 8%
    FY2010 57% 32% 10%
    current TTM 58% 31% 11%