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    I filed 2 greivances back in 7/12 that have been docketed for the regional panel since 9/12. The 9/12 hearing date was cancelled by UPS and was rescheduled for 11/12 which was then cancelled by my union hall because of contract neg. It was then scheduled for 2/13 and I was told UPS needs to cancel again because they will have nobody available to take care of their side. My understanding is, that the hearing can be cancelled twice. Once by each side, my question is what happens in this case? My local doesn't to make bad working relations with UPS by pushing this forward. My opinion is that the rules should be followed and the hearing should continue. It is not my fault or the unions fault UPS is not prepared. Any opinions or knowledge of this would be helpful.
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    In my state, the Central Region, and at the National panel....

    The Union and the company can each postpone (or hold) a grievance one time.

    But, they can agree to one mutual hold. (3 times total)

    This is spelled out in each "Panel's" rules of procedure. It is in writing.

    I know.... it's frustrating.

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    Thank you, can I ask what happens if my BA does not mutually agree or does it just happen that way. This is for UPS Freight if that makes any difference.
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    Your BA would have to agree, to the mutual hold.

    If he didn't.... the company better be prepared to hear the grievance at the next panel.

    Or, they could lose by default.

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    Thank you again, lets me know to stay on BA's butt and make it happen.