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Ok, If it's a bonus center I can see how the company would want to discharge someone over that.
With respect, you can't see any other reason(besides bonus) to fire someone? I've known plenty of mechanics and especially mgt fired for falsifying records....

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Yes. Press non person. It will go to what attempt then scan info notice. Then a message will come up about another stop. Push three top right dotted buttons for duplicate. It gives you three options. One is the light, duplicate, and something else.
It would be so easy to mess that up
No way to correct as well


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You would think the different last name assigned to each stop would be the hint
Seems like that could be flawed as a fraternity or communal living space could then be sheeted as individual stop per package with a different name, even if you just dump them all in the porch or whatever.


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You can also do it in one stop. Scan all non signature packages leave sig required one(s) on the list at top. If they are home, tap to add to list and sign. If not, slide tracking number left, tap non deliver. It will then prompt for an info notice and ask delivery decision for packages you’ve left. Was playing around one day and figured this one out.
You don't have to do all that, just scan everything and hit "no person" under customer contact (the left tab).


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So? Who cares what you want.
You can also scan the DR pkg first and leave the sig pkg unconfirmed until you are ready to leave. When you are ready to go swipe to left and mark the sig are non deliver. You will then confirm delivery location for the DR pkg and then scan the info notice for the sig.
I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned this yet, but you don't have to do all that and wait, you can just hit "no person"


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It took me a few months to figure out that you need to slide left on the sig required tracking number and hit non delivery WITHOUT SCANNING IT.

I don't think our supes even know how to do that.

Otherwise I was doing two seperate stops just as this guy is at panel for.

Either there is more to the story, or he is set for a nice backpay check.

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Actually, you can scan all the packages as normal, and then hit "no person."


ok i like what you just said!!
Have you ever been in trouble before? I just don’t understand how if this is your first disciplinary issue in 23 years why they are sending you to panel? I’ve been a driver for 30 years and have seen drivers with less years than 23 do worse things than pad 15 stops and not go to panel. If this is the first time you’ve been in trouble in 23 years and you’re going to panel then your union representation is questionable. Good Luck, I wish you the best.