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Hey everyone. I am curious if UPS does rehire? I had read that very rarely do they rehire anyone. But here’s my story. I worked for UPS for 2 years my first year I was a package handler and my 2nd was driving. I quit last summer. Basically because i was stressed. But I do know what I’d be getting myself into this time around. And I miss it and would do anything to go back. I messed up. But I did apply and it let me fill out an application there were just no times available to go in for a walk through. Even tho indeed says they are hiring drivers so I don’t know if that means that I can’t get rehired or they filled the position. Thanks for any feedback!
They'll re-hire you.
They always need people.
Seen former employees come 'n go and come back several times.


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Call your management team. I’d wait till peak when they absolutely will hire anyone breathing. If you come back and crush it that’s your foot in the door. We have seasonal drivers that come back every year and Get begged to stay but they just need some Christmas doe.

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The independence, working alone. Meeting new people. The overall feeling of accomplishment everyday knowing you made a difference in someone’s life.
We bring people Chinese-made stuff from Bezos. How are we making a difference in someone's life? They are just cardboard boxes.

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Never move backwards.

Whatever feeling you had that drove you to leave...

Will still be there if you return.

Along with the new resentment...

New Stress...

Questions that lingered...


Hope this helps.

Second this as someone who left jobs only to go back a couple of times in my 20s. If it was bad enough to leave the first time it will probably be the same the second time around.