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    Does anyone have any insight on why UPS does not offer relocation of its drivers. (even at drivers own expense) I was an off the street hire 2 years ago after making a career change. I do consider myself lucky to be hired full time right away. As it stands I live in a state where I had relocated to with a past employer and was wondering how I could transfer back closer to family.
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    I can imagine that part of the reason is that most drivers would try to re-locate to states where the cost of living is much lower, and part-timers in those states would never get a chance to go full-time because everytime a position opened up, it would be filled by a transferring senior driver from a high cost of living area. I am sure there is more to it, that is just the first thing that came to my mind when I thought about the consequences of allowing drivers to transfer.
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    you got it deliver man...
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    The first answer that came to my mind was:

    "Because they dont have to".
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    "Because they dont have to".
    Well, there is that .....[​IMG]