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  1. upstmh7

    upstmh7 upstmh7

    What are rep points and how do you acquire them?:fan:
  2. upstmh7

    upstmh7 upstmh7

    Correction: Rep power
  3. Everytime you give UPSSOCKS are hard time you are awarded 100 points. They can be redeemed for time with Klein.
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    Are Rep points worth more in Canada than the United States?:surprised:
  5. ABSOLUTELY:wink2:
  6. upstmh7

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    I'm still pretty new to this site and I'm still a bit confused :confused2:
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    So is UPSSOCKS!
  8. trplnkl

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    Please forgive the wise azzes, they can't help themselves. The Per power is achived when you post something that another poster likes well enought to give you points or you post something the another dislikes and they give you neg points. They are just a way for other posters to let you know how they feel about what you post.
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    Well,you could be witty and funny.

    Or any combination thereof.
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    OK ... let's give upstmh7 some reps so he will feel better.
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    OMG! You did not just say that..................:surprised::surprise::rofl:
  13. dilligaf

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    Just take your time and have a thick skin. And don't jump to conclusions. There are those that may give you a hard time just because they can but don't really mean anything by it. Then there are those that will give you a hard time because they are asses. JMHO (just my humble opinion). Sometimes one looks like the other even though they aren't. :happy-very:
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    You Go ! DOL ! LOL
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    You do what dizzee does, he makes simple cartoons that everyones applauds via awarding him reputation points. My posts which are sheer genius get smatterings of applause from time to time. If you divide dizzee's rep by the number of the posts he made, you will probably find that he has the highest ratio out of all the members

    It just proves that a picture is worth a thousand reputation points. (heck I just repped him five minutes ago for some cartoon he made of himself blowing a gum bubble while balancing many things on the top of his head)
  17. pickup

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    if you want negative reputation points, just head on over and post on the 2727 thread.
  18. pickup

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    also, if you see someone with a lot of posts and red under under his rep power, it means that many people in bc have marked this man as someone whose opinion is not worth listening to. It is the equivalent of the white stripe on a skunk, it provides visual warning.
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    Is that a fleur de lis tatoo on your right ahh well you know how about a nice shamrock on your...........
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    upstmh7 I'm repping you for having such a cool avatar