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    We have a major issue of retaliation in our building with drivers asking to be put on the 9.5 list. Some of these actions are but not limited to production rides, excessive observations, major disciplinary paperwork, verbal confrontation and even proven blackmail. Our building is in a war over this and we have many panel cases going to arbitration based solely on harassment and reprisal. I'm just curious as to hear what extent are other building facing this issue and other alike. The 9.5 was just an example. Evidence of discriminatory treatment can be used to prove gender, age, race and other types of discrimination claims. This includes the employer treating the employee who engaged in the 9.5 list differently from and worse than other employees who did not. Thoughts on this?
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    I will be waiting to hear.......
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    If the claims are "proven" then blow any and all whistles and stir the pot as hard as you can. Sooner or later someone will get tired of hearing about it and take action.

    There was a troublesome FT feeder sup (busted down from management) at another N. IL building. Enough complaints went out to the DOL and Atlanta that corporate sent up a representative to tell this sup in no uncertain terms that "there will not be another flight taken to correct the matters concerning you".
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    Same in my building. I got on the 9.5 list the first week of january and have had to file several harrassment grievances. <shrug> aint nothing but a thing.I dont get mad, i always laugh at them when they try to provke me and dont take it seriously
    I have had a couple of OJS rides and anytime the supe engages me in conversation i pull the truck over,switch it off and we chat. My time looks no better with them on the truck. I get quite a few observations and all they see is a fat old guy using 3 points of contact and can rattle off that DOK nonsense like a good parrot.
    My telematics report is always perfect ,I run my route 95% in trace,never call in and have no excessive lunch. <shrug> They move on pretty quickly
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    oh yeah I enjoy to NO end telling them the numbers mean diddly squat to me,that as long as i work by the methods i have no fear of discipline,that I have never seen anyone terminated for being over but I HAVE seen some supes terminated for harassment and my all time favourite is :" i was here when you got here and i'll be here when you leave "

    It's just a mind game
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    As soon as you go on the list you get a 3-day ride.
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    "You are instructed to be off the clock in less than 9.5 hours with no missed."
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    Where is that from?
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    No list here,but they tell us to call before 14:00 if we are not going to be back and punched out by by 19:00.
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    Blah, blah, blah...I used to just smile and tell them they better get busy on my dispatch if they wanted that fantasy to become reality.
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    If a manager says that, I'd refer them to the first 2 sentences of article 37.
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    Forced production standards , without a doubt , makes a driver more prone to working unsafely either with package handling or with ones driving. IMO the driving aspect of that equation not only risks the welfare of the driver but also the public. 9.5 list does tend to hold the powers that be toes just a little closer to the fire! Management absolutely HATES the 9.5 list. It screws the whole "plan" up and makes them scramble to add/cut, which is fun to watch at least......BC
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    probably east center. cracks the whip and got promoted!
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    Here, they are telling you if you get hurt
    1. It's your fault.
    2. Refer to #1.
    3. You will be 'interviewed' by up to 5 people, including the DM, center manager, on-car, and Health and Safety Manager.
    4. You better know your DOK's.
    5. Refer to #1.
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    unfotunately in Central States we had a state panel decision that requires to be VIOLATED 3out of 5 days 3times in a 5 month period. What I am trying to say is a 950 grievence has to be written 3 times in a 5 month period to get paid. So our great leadership knows that they can VIOLATE you 2 times and all they receive is a pat on the hand. The bottom line is no mercy for the enemy. FILE FILE FILE and have it documented so their is no misunderstanding Remenber 1 PACKAGE 1 STOP 1 DAY AT A TIME. Dont worry about tomorrow just get through today
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    My locals interpretation of that ruling is that you automatically get paid the double time penalty after 3rd 9.5 grievance. I will be in hearings next week on a few of these, including my own. Looks like I've got some extra money coming my way soon.
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    UPS management harasses, intimidates, and overly supervise? Wow, don't they read the contract?

    Don't worry the union will be right on it. Then off it.

    This is why the current contract talks are so important. Without real penalties for managements violations they will continue to do what they have become accustomed to for generations. Its never been enough to do your job they want to own you and treat you like a slave.