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  1. -I have just accepted a shifter bid and was informed i had to do 20 hrs of unpaid training and a 0.75 cent pay decrease. Is this true or am i being given the runaround?
    -Ive also been told that i will no longer be able to work inside anymore or pull doubles.
    -If any overtime or extra work is available it doesnt get outside of the f/t shifter combo or p/t ers with 25 plus years.
    -Finally it is also 5 hr a day job no more and no overtime to speak.

    -How do you go from inside hub work to driving a semi-truck?
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    Look at your local supplement as for the pay cut. I can't see you losing money, ask a steward?

    I don't know about working inside or double shifting, that must be in your supplement and if not, then it's managements say what the guidelines will be.

    All OT goes to Full-timers if you're working alongside full-timers in the same classification. that is cut and dry. Unless of course, the full-timers all deny the OT, then it filters down to part-time employees.

    Are you sure you're shifting semis and not a vehicle positioner? sometimes around here people tend to call both positions shifters.
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    Where I'm from, you don't even need a D.O.T. card to "shift". By "Shifting" I mean moving trailers around the "yard". It also a full-time job. I also think feeder drivers with little senority do it as part of their shift.

    In my mind, this is the best job a UPS. You don't need your class A. You don't have to worry about weather (this is my worse fear about feeders! driving that truck on the side of a mountain with 65 MPH cross winds during a snowstorm).

    Instead, you get to tool around the yard with a total disregard to any other vehicle while, drinking your coffee and smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a night!

    The problem I have is that you think you own the yard. You don't honk, signal, or yield the right of way. When I let you go, you don't wave. I'm suprised you actually stop for pedestrians in yard. Keep up your wreckless driving, its only matter of time before you hit us.

    Every package driver or anyone who works or drives in the yard knows what I'm talking about. I
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    3 packs of cigarettes in 8 hours?
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    Yup, I would agree with that! I always thought it is because they're so tired from working 16 hours straight! No CDL=no limit on hours.

    I shift (occassionally), but THANK GOD I'm under DOT HOS.
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    Here the shifters are the ones who drive properly,it`s the streeters who blow in like the world revolves around them especially the long haulers.
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    I know the training is unpaid - at least the center manager said that - I expect it may be different under each contract suppliment... Check with the local.

    We had one guy do it (filling in) on the preload and he pulled away with someone in the back of a trailer... That guy (shifter) no longer works at UPS due to an unrelated incident...

    I don't know about the loss of pay...

    The shifter in our building is there before preload and wraps up around 11 -12:00PM
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    the 2nd two statements cancel eachother out.
    the first half of the first statement answers your last question.
    so what are we left with?
    another quality post from spanky

    You bid for the job, everything your complaining about was outlined in the bid. I think its time to find another career choice
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    We have a few drivers here that can do that and 12 cups of coffe no problem.
  10. i shifted for about 4 years and i did have to do the training and i got paid for it wish it was a full time job in my building i would still be doing it. i also got overtime everynight at least an hour and a half evey night.
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    TieGuy's baby doesn't smoke that much!
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    i thought the 20 hours unpaid are for the feeder school i know in feeder school you have to have at least 20hrs behind the wheel