Retired UPS driver killed by cannonball

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    Anybody read about this. I don't remember the place, but somewhere in the south. This retired driver had become a civil war relic collector, had been going out digging up bullets etc. He had an old civil war cannonball that he was restoring and it exploded very powerful shrapnel went like almost a mile away. I didn't know those things exploded, I thought they were just balls of lead or iron that were propelled by gunpowder.
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    I did read about that a couple of days ago. I too thought that exploding cannon balls didn't come about till after the civil war, but haven't tried to verify in any way.
  3. Ok, one of the shifters in my building knew this guy so let me chime in with what I know. They were digging for civil war relics and they found this old cannonball. And I think what had happened was that there was some powder residue on the cannon and that is what exploded. It happened down near Virginia Beach is what he said.
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    They (Exploding Cannon Balls) have been around for a very long time, and are very unstable depending on where they are stored. There are thousands of people and children that are injured every year, in countries that have had wars and these things are around there. My condolences go out to the family.
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    Here's a link to the story.

    "Henry Shrapnel, a British officer, is generally credited with bringing exploding shells to a point of practical usefulness by about 1804,"

    They were available during the Civil War, or the "War of Northern Aggression" as I prefer to call it.
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    Happened just outside Richmond back in January according to a story on
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    You sound like a sore loser:happy2: A guy around here walked into a police station with a WW1 era shell. He thought it was defused, but it was live. They had the bomb squad detonate it. This event had a happier ending. I sometimes wonder how much of this stuff goes through our system. When I retire, I plan to take up a safer hobby like chainsaw juggling.
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    The American Civil War introduced all kinds of new weapons on a mass scale. Rifled barrels, repeating rifles, and exploding artillery shells were perfected. This stuff is still all over the place around here.
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    So thats where we get the word "shrapnel". Interesting.
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    oh-oh----I smell a fight brewing:peaceful:
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    A sad story.
    Almost 150 years and the Civil War is still claiming lives. Maybe that's what McCain meant with his "in Iraq for 100 years" comment!

    I guess the company spin would be that if he'd of kept working, he would be alive today.
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    I worked with sam in the Richmond Va south center for several years, he retired with a knee inujury several years ago. He was good dude.