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  1. Getting my ducks in a row with the local. Just wondering how much notice to give UPS before my last day... What is the best way to go?
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    To go out with a bang
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    After I filed my paperwork with the union management knew and congratulated me before it was even finalized.
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    Just now got letter from CS. 34 years UPS, 75years old. Pension cut $1400 a month starting 1 July 2016.
    nothing in life is guarantied
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    They'll know before you know.
    2 weeks and let them know you aren't looking for any 10 hours dispatches.
  6. Areyoukiddinme

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    i let center manager know about a month before i started the pension paper work then filed the paper work and took my 8 weeks of vacation, it still took over a month for ups to talk to the pension office. so start early and you may need to be a little forceful with HR to get things moving on their side.
  7. oldupsman

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    I started the process 6 months before I retired and my center manager knew it. At that time we still
    had good UPS health care so I made sure she made sure everything was in order. Now with
    Teamcare, who knows.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Teamcare has nothing to do with the retirement process.
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    Well when drivers retire now, don't they have Teamcare?
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Depends on where they worked.
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    Well then I guess they better find out before they retire.
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    If I wanted to keep the same insurance, dental, vision, prescription, it cost me $200/month from my pension, $200/month more for my wife. I went on medicare Oct 1, and since once you go on medicare, you can't receive our insurance, I got a $200/month raise. Still paying for wife, however.
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    We have two drivers going through the process right now so I am getting a crash course on Retirement 101. In our local we keep our current benefits package----$150/month for the retiree and an additional $150/month for the spouse. Co-pays are double.
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    ahh, just work a couple more years..................
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    When I retired I called Teamcare to let them know I was ending my employment. Was told UPS would let them know of change in employment status. Then I received my Central States H/w fund coupon book in the mail. I didn't call anyone from Central States H/W fund. Right now it's 200.00 for my wife and I then 300.00 or both of us in 2016. In the transition period I was told there was still coverage although I didn't need to use it.
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    Really and sincerely, sorry to hear that. I thought is wasn't quite a done deal yet. I thought it was being petitioned still. Although, I think it will be passed.
    Were you cut from approx $3000? I'm thinking this opens the door for anything, and everything.
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    Well yeah. If a pension fund is broke I would say everything is on the table.
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    that sucks.
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    Plus prescriptions are more and there is a deductible you have to meet and you are responsible for 20% of the balance of any visit and/or procedure.
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    yeaaah. just a couple of more years of the worse hell at UPS, which will be getting exponentially worse every month.
    Should fly by!!:D