Retro check is in!


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Hoffa has declared all "back pay" to be issued to the union directly for membership dues and privileges advance payment policy per Article 63 sec 2.


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If you didn't vote you get nothing and because you asking this question leads me to believe you dididn't vote because if you did you should know when and if your getting anything. Or is it going to strike fund

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If locals get ratified by the end of January marking 6 months, for example, the .40 raise results in about a $500 gross check for the average driver. In case anyone cares.


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Nobody cares about backpay... it's only going to add up to maybe $50. The contract was way more important, but if you voted Yes just to get $50, shame on you.
Drivers in progression like me care. I'm currently at around $1300 on backpay. That is alot of money when you take home $800 each week.