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  1. Can you help me calculate mine? I never logged in to see my "impact statement" on my UPSers to show me exactly where I would be on the pay scale
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    Whatever i get going to savings for my future down payment on a house some 3 or so years down the line anyway.
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    If a person is a Dr, patients do pay the bills.
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    Should have started 10 years ago. You snooze. You loose.
  7. Well at lease you can get your 25 year patch. Because that is How long you will wait
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    How big is the check gonna be?

    I bet I can get enough members to pitch in so you’ll leave.
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    you like her, the first girl ever
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    So could you pay your bills under the old contract?
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    I don't know where you are as far as wage rate, part-time vs. full-time, out of progression or still in progression, etc. Without that information I can't determine what your back pay will be.
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    Yes, but after being hired as off the street as a driver and being fed and believing all the stuff from center manager and sups I'm slowly going backwards. I've been laid off more since August 1 then I've actually worked. Took from August 1 to middle of November just before peak to make seniorty. So it's time to move on.
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    Wow hired off the street so you didn’t have to wait your turn and you’re already looking to quit. Good riddance then. The first year is always the toughest. It’s called seniority bro.
  16. I can certainly give you that info
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    He’s brand spanking new. If you’re getting laid off then you’re in your first year. Everyone’s first year blows. Lots of 1st year drivers get laid off. It’s rough.

    If he doesn’t quit he’ll have more overtime than he cares for covering routes in the blind in years 2 and 3.

    Then by year 4 he’ll think he deserves that top rate. Heck I know it all I deserve my own route too. And not no crappy route either. A nice one. The one drivers waited 20 years to get.

    Package driving can be a great career. It will be worth it. If you quit you will not be missed and someone else will replace you. If you stay you can reap the rewards of being amongst the best paid employees in the industry represented by a union that won’t let you lose your job.
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    Could be making 6 figures in a few years. Instead will probably be flipping burgers
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    I don’t feel bad for people like that. When I was in package I had this new driver. He had his class A. He wanted to drive feeders. He had only been with the company 2 months on preload. I told him I could put him on road in package in the summer. Had he stayed, he would be 2 years in as a ft driver and could be in feeders out of that very small center we worked in. He quit 6 months into it. No one can see the big picture.
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    My first year sucked stop being a bih if you quit now you will probably regret it working some lame job making 8 bucks an hr. These of the street hires think they somebody