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    Hell you're in now, unless you are accepted to trade school, may as well try and stick it out now, you will be making good bank in 5 yrs ( granted it IS a long time).
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    My first year here at brown has been better then any of my previous years with purple. Lay-offs are whatever, gotta have backup plans for funds since you knew it was definitely going to happen having low seniority.

    Don’t quit. I’d love to pretend I could live my life like I was still making 70 per year but I knew I was taking a mega pay cut coming here on the short run and giving myself a mega raise in the long haul.

    Also there are other ways to get your hours
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    Then give it to me...unless you're a :censored2: freeloader. Then you can suck eggs.
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    Dude just like others have said. The very first year especially after you qualify they try not to scare the life out of you. They don't know what you're good at yet, but soon enough you'll be tested. And believe me you will get a ton of hours.

    Then you'll be like me.. a swing driver that can't buy days off. If you survive swinging you'll get whatever the :censored2: you want because you'll earn that max pay.
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    Just start stealing and selling oxycodone pills, like the rest of us. Whenever you hear pills in a little white bag from the VA, its the good stuff.