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    I fractured my wrist about 6 weeks ago off-job and have a few more weeks of therapy to go. Someone mentioned that UPS requires you to take a company sanctioned "agilty test" before returning to work. Is this true? or does the doc just have to release you.
  2. tritese

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    in my eighteen plus years i have never heard of ups testing you....i have always heard you just had to have a doctor's release.......
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    I have never heard of an "agility test". I would think that it is up to the doctor to release you to return to work.
  4. outta hours

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    If there was an agility test I am sure that 70% of the drivers in my center could not pass it. :wink2:
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    When you take your DOT exam don't mention the fractured wrist. They may want to test the strength of said wrist and prolong the exam.
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    Bad idea all medical history must be truthfully divulged, failure to do so can result in termination. Just read the fine print where you sign your name on the physical form. If it takes you longer to qualify so be it at least you will still have a job. The DOT is not going to retest the strength or stability of your wrist. The Dr. may ask you about it and all you have to do is tell him it's fine.
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    yes UPS can send you to a "ability test" but, where I'm from it's called "work hardening" UPS has to pay for this test but, you have to pass to be able to return to your regular job. After the birth of my first child I was forced into taking this test. Yes I did seek a lawyer because I was being singled out. But, around here all lawyers are too afraid to step up to the plate and stop UPS. Hey the way I look at it I had another day off with my child and got paid 8 hours for it. Thanks UPS
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    It's amazing how different the company is around the U.S., never uniform on anything. I tore my rotator cuff and was off for almost a year, the only thing I had to do was go see a company doctor (JOKE) and he gave me a quick 2 minute go over (lift arm, touch nose, etc), then signed off on a paper that listed about 30 different things I must be able to do to perform the job. I think they were all to happy to get me back on the front lines for peak.
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    I've been out almost 11 months. GET ME SOME FEEDER PANTS!!!:happy-very::happy-very::happy-very:
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    I had my hip replaced last year and all the doctor had me do was walk up and down about 10 stairs and squat once(very intensive). And let me tell you-I was huffin' and puffin'.LOL