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    So I called-in sick twice last week amidst high volume. Our facility has stayed between 27-29 degrees each morning. So when a preloader who also scans large amounts of SurePost accurately calls-in sick it puts management in a bind as to finding the right guinea pig whom they think can juggle such a set, right? It was when I called-in again this week having come down with a second fever and chills that I heard about it. Boss wasn't happy. Asked me for a doctors note. So I got him one. He also had some choice managerial words for me like, "Are you gonna call in sick twice this week too?" when I was calling it in. You know, the usual stuff one gets from management.

    Doc' put me on Cipro and this little piece of paper says H1N1 with "walking pneumonia".

    So about mid-shift as I'm part way through this mornings coughing fit I am approached by three management asking me to confirm what my doctors note says which, yes, I have the f-ing flu, okay? Yes. Why else would I call in sick 3 times in the same two weeks? Apparently management are capable "reading" and even more impressive: communicating with each other in an efficient, timely manner.

    Tide turned. Fast.

    Instead of, "Are you gonna call in sick twice this week too?" or "You DO know we're short-staffed as it is, right?" at the time of my first call-in last week... to... "We think that it might be in ALL of our better interest if you use your sick days until any danger of potential contamination of those around you has been resolved and you're feeling better."

    Well here's the problem guys... see, I can't miss any more work because this is all I've got at this time and for those who need the reminder: I not only haven't accrued any sick days yet, I only bring home $170 a week which if I miss one day I go without something vital(ie: car insurance, gas, food, phone etc), two days missed sets me back 2-3 weeks. That's just how it is.

    Some of you need be reminded that those of us within our first year work the very hardest. We take-on the most responsibilities and we are given the hardest sets. We given opportunities to expand to processing SurePost, setting-up the irreg-lift, putting it away... we're the first to arrive and we are the LAST to leave. We get worked the hardest for the least money. WE ARE the very Lifeblood of this God-damned company and if we're sick with the flu... we're f-ing sick and we do NOT need to hear about it from those with a 2012 Ford Mustang Cobra in the parkinglot.
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    Cry me a river. It's called life and it has to get dealt with. Revisit this post when you've matured some.
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    That's why you're in Sort.
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    A couple things...

    They should never have handled your call in they way they did. If some guy who is within his first year will make or break the operation, they have much bigger issues to deal with. Sick is sick....and at the end of the day, you have to realize that if you have yet to earn sick days, these call-ins will be going against your record. That can't be helped....it's just how things are. It's in the contract.

    Your personal issues with your bills aren't the concern of UPS. What IS a concern for UPS is you spreading H1N1 around an operation. So, don't expect to be welcomed in to a close-contact work group when you have flu symptoms. You need not try to make that everyone else's problem.

    Again, I'm not condoning these managers and their jack-ass ways of handling your call ins. But new-hires being the 'lifebood' of the company?? Don't kid yourself.
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    Hack all over those boxes and get everyone sick. Selfish attitude.
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    I will make it simple, your sick period.... What's the problem, that is why you have days
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    btw, it sucks you have walking pneumonia and I know it's rough when you got bills n' stuff but your attitude leaves plenty to be desired.
  8. FuzeBox

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    Wait a minute... I'm confused here. Are you(sortaisle) telling me to revisit this page when I've matured for being sick with the flu? The financial reality check of early employment with the company? Or for you being an anal conception birth?
  9. LongTimeComing

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  10. sortaisle

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    Even though I didn't ask...thanks for making my point. It's not that you're sick and in financial trouble, it's your last paragraph that destroyed any integrity in your post. No one owes you anything.
  11. FuzeBox

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    LongTime, we(the new-hires) are the very cheap labor that make this company money and help it prosper. The lifeblood.
  12. FuzeBox

    FuzeBox New Member

    That should indeed be the UPS motto... "No one here... owes you anything" How suiting.
  13. sortaisle

    sortaisle Livin the cardboard dream

    I don't disagree UPS sucks. But it is what it is. You have to make the best of a crappy situation and you move on. All of us has been there except for some silver spooners.
  14. cachsux

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    Some of us who were in your spot when we started many years ago? Somehow we managed and without the attitude too.
  15. LongTimeComing

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    You are not that important. You are not entitled to anything. You are not owed anything. You chose to work here. Your attitude sucks. There are 100 standing in line to replace you as soon as you 'show UPS who's boss' and move on. The margins that new-hires are being paid as compared to those people who have spent a little time here are nearly invisible. We don't sit down in financial meetings thinking "Hey, we sure do rely on those new-hire hub hourlies. What would we do without them!?"

    From what you've demonstrated here, maybe it would be a good thing for you to just move on if you are already this disgruntled...
  16. Leftinbuilding

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    I agree with some of the others....you are too thin-skinned to work at UPS. Pressure from mgmnt is the name of the game and if you couldn't handle this, you are in for a miserable life. Do yourself a favor...move on.
  17. FuzeBox

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    Well there it all is folks. I must admit that I admire the ability of those who've responded to deliver their cut & dried responses. Thanks all of you.

    It's a part time job. One cannot ask for much in that. I am aware of this. I think that LongTimeComing has said beyond shadow of a doubt the kind of mindset that UPS employees are to embody. It was put very well. Let's recant:

    "You are not that important. You are not entitled to anything. You are not owed anything. You chose to work here. Your attitude sucks. There are 100 standing in line to replace you as soon as you 'show UPS who's boss' and move on."

    So what I am getting here is... (1) my attitude sucks. (2) I need to move on. (3) I chose to work here. Am I correct?

    I'm not the brightest one of the bunch. I mean, 90% of the responses here have no compassion for someone lashing out from a point of fever and illness but to say such gets me, "oh cry me a river" from someone else. We have good days and we have bad days. Some days we just feel "speared" and need to talk. And, look where it's gotten me.

    I admire your honesty but you're a damn tough bunch. Poster children.
  18. Anonymous 10

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    Do you feel better now?
  19. Indecisi0n

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    I'm gassy.
  20. DS

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    I for one sympathize with your predicament.
    We are not poster children.A lot of us have all been screwed over by ups many times.
    I take it you work part time because you go to school,instead of depending on your ups gig to
    pay for all those things you mentioned,why not a 2nd pt job 2 nights a week?
    Just sayin'.