Right to work states and the Union

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  1. Channahon

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    Employees in right to work states have the option to join the union. If they choose not to join, does anyone know the difference in benefits regarding health and retirement?
  2. Gman24

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    Do not let ANYONE tell you differently! You will receive the same benefits. Check out this website for all the info you need and your protected rights. National Right to Work Foundation

    The Union can not collect ANY dues in a right to work state if you do not want them to. And by LAW they have to represent you on all counts, benefits, and EVERYTHING!!!!!!!
  3. scratch

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    While you do get the same pay and benefits in a "Right to Work State" if you don't join the Teamsters, do you think the IBT Business Agent is going to fight for your job just as hard?Just food for thought.
  4. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Probably not but they are supposed to. It's the law whether anyone likes it or not. I find it strange that they fight UPS with all their might when there is a contractual issue. It is treated like a law has been broken because technically it is true. So if they really think that way then why don't they also fight for employee "x" as hard as they would the non union employee "z"? I mean the law says they have to yet they don't? Hmmm. Sounds like a double standard to me. I know allot of you can only say "why protect the freeloader?" and blah bla bla but that is irrelevant. What matters is the law and if the union is going to expect the company to follow the rules then the union should follow the rules as well. They can't have their cake and eat it too.
  5. over9five

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    If it were up to me, the freeloader would fight (and lose) his own battles.

    Also, freeloaders should NOT get the Teamster negotiated wage.
  6. LKLND3380

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    I agree... I can load 1 package per hour OR 20 packages a minute...

    The BA can go through the motions but all involved know the outcome.. Everyone is there just for show...

    Hey non-union guy... We tried our best to save your job...
  7. mittam

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    I left the ibt in a non right to work state, I still have to pay dues at a discounted rate and have all the same benifits and representation. My representation has been better since I did this. They know it will bring NLRB charges if they don't represent me as they are supposed to, however in our area the ba is a waste of time and noone really gets that much representation anyway. We have greviances over 6 months old and the ba doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to really take on management in our area.
  8. ogrelord

    ogrelord Ground Down

    I'm in a right to work state and from the way that i look at it. the ibt makes sure that a non-union doesn't get better treatment compared to a union member.

    my only question for the non union people, is if the ibt striked would the non-union be required to work? since there not part of the bargining agreement.
  9. mittam

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    Here we are apart of the bargaining unit and would not be required to work. We would not get strike pay but then again hey almost noone got it the last time.
  10. scratch

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    In the '97 Strike, we had four drivers in the Hub out of over a hundred cross the picket line. They had quit the union previously and had to work. The two men quit soon after the settlement, one had turned in her letter of intent and was going into management at the time. The only one left is still a Swing Driver.
  11. Bill

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    UPS has been doing what they want to do whether the Teamsters like it or not. The BA's show up for the formality. They win very few grievances.
  12. Bill

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    The strike fund is a joke. During the 97 strike, the workers were supposed to get $55 a week, but the union ran out of money in a short time and only a few employees received anything. Can you feed your family on $55 a week?
  13. Bill

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    I don't know about the rest of the country, but we don't have preloaders that look like that. :thumbup1:
  14. LKLND3380

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    Do you mean holding the package in the power zone
    Not using a firm grip/hands opposite corners?​
  15. preloader

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    You know, all i gotta say is, you think youve got it bad? I'll let you know how bad it is in my neck of the woods. I moved to a right to work state from a non right to work state. In my new building ive seen a BA exactly ONCE in 6 years, to come get votes. Otherwise, we have a shop steward driver represent the preload for the 20 miins between his arrival for work and his departure. In this time ive witnessed numerous counts of harassment by managment that were in no means anything but MEAN. Bid jobs going to under-senior members because higher skilled senior members were too valuable in other places. During peak this year we went 2 different shifts of 8 hours without a 10 minute break. Were told to clock out fora 30 min break on a couple occassions for a lull in work only to find out later that our manager feels this creats a split shift moving us to an 8 hour work day and needs to pay us overtime for only the hours over the 8 insted of 5. They DEMANDED everyone work for the saturday prior to X-mas and then paid us a fraction of our straight pay rates. The lists of offences goes on and on and on and on and well, the steward seems to not be able to care less.

    Then, they seem confused as to why no one wants to stay here?
  16. tieguy

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    I would think you would still have to pay some dues if you withdraw since the union would encur expenses on the behalf of all who work for UPS.

    Over9 is indirectly right about one thing. If you withdraw then you should study the laws to ensure you were fairly represented. But then again some people work thirty years and never need a steward.
  17. BigBrownPoop

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    Health and Retirement will be the same. If UPS has enough "right to work" states ask for Union, they will make a money cut somewhere else. They like to work in states they are right to work, but do not demand union representation. They have the largest participation in health care and retirement programs anywhere! It's in the compensation where things will vary. If everyone at the TSC national help desk in Las Vegas states they want union representation, UPS will make the decision to close the call center or tolerate having to work with the union. More than likely they would close the call center and outsource it to another firm. It's easier and doens't create any legal concerns for them by closing the center and it won't create WHAT THEY CONCIDER a hostile work environment by having to work with the union. They like to paint the picture that unions are bad for business!
  18. local804

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    Your BA is voted in if you guys dont like him, vote him the hell out!
    If you were still a member that is...
  19. el sol

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    I am in a right to work state. I don't agree with everything the union stands for... however...I feel those who don't join are freeloaders. My dues are taken out weekly at around 17 a week. That equates to about 2 lunches. I meet with a non union driver at an air meet point. He is always complaining about his work load and how bad ups is. He expects help from the Union even if he doesn't pay his dues. A total freeloader.
  20. speeddemon

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    In Alabama, you do not have to join the union, but they can collect a "shopfee". THey are supposed to represent you as a union equal............dont bank on it.