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  1. rampman

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    so whats the deal in Rockford? losing another flight this month we'll be down to 14 volume around 80k a night.....all kinds of rumors I'm pretty low on the ft seniority list just worried what the future might hold...
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I thought UPS received a tax incentive package to keep Rockford open.
  3. grgrcr88

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    I know no facts in this, but I assure you if UPS can figure a way to shut it down, they will!!
  4. rampman

    rampman New Member

    we'll see about that tax package
  5. Buffaloaf

    Buffaloaf New Member

    Yeah, EWR. Gone. Bradley -- soon to be. If I had to guess, anything on the East Coast is fair game come summertime...Dark times ahead for RFD.
  6. g l

    g l New Member

    what do you mean "dark times".........
  7. airbusfxr

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    PHL, EWR, MIA, CAE, and DFW might all lose flights to Worldport. It seems that SDF can handle the volume and since NDA and Int are making UPS the most money everything will fly like the early 90's. Worldport makes it simple.
  8. Buffaloaf

    Buffaloaf New Member

    Less volume = Less jobs

    Less jobs = "dark times"

    More or less what I meant.
  9. rampman

    rampman New Member

    As slow as it is RFDs not going anywhere. They just need to trim the excess fat.
  10. ImWiredIn

    ImWiredIn New Member

    How do you know RFD's not going anywhere?

    I agree that it makes sense to have alternatives to Louisville. ONT and others are just too far away.
  11. rampman

    rampman New Member

    too much $$$ invested to just shut down. with the recent expansions such as adding belts, air cargo building it makes no sense.
  12. Buffaloaf

    Buffaloaf New Member

    Yeah, but they could reduce the volume down to around 40K per night. That would effectively eliminate houndreds of Union employees and they would only need about 15-20 Part-time Sups (probably have about 60 now, with about 15 too many), maybe 3 Full time Sups, a Manager, and maybe a Division Manager. That wouldn't be very fun, I don't think.
  13. ImWiredIn

    ImWiredIn New Member

    Doesn't that building get around 100k a day now? You think they will cut it all the way to 40k a day?

    I'm wondering if the economy continues to grow, will the air hubs start to benefit from this. I read an article about the state saving 500 jobs in CACH and RFD with the tax incentives you mentioned. I'm wondering if they will actually do this. Our building just to the West has actually incrased in packages.
  14. Buffaloaf

    Buffaloaf New Member

    Well, we are doing like 80k per night now, give or take a few thousand per night. If they were to reduce volume to 40k, they would be able to use the tax incentives to keep the full time jobs there, since that is what the money was supposed to be for. Doing that would eliminte a ton of the part time jobs, but there would still be enough work for full-time employees. I don't see them closing it down (it could happen, obviously), but I could see a scenario like this happening.
  15. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Three words, Tax Write Off.

    The state didn`t save any jobs at the CACH. We doing fine on volume considering.
  16. ImWiredIn

    ImWiredIn New Member

    From a couple of weeks ago;

    ROCKFORD — UPS is laying off 100 part-time package handlers at its Rockford air hub, citing decreased volume because of the recession.

    Some workers were told last week, others will learn this week, but all are immediate, spokeswoman Christine Hand said.

    As demand for UPS’ air delivery service has dropped, the company has sent a higher percentage of its packages through its biggest U.S. air hub, Worldport in Louisville, Ky.

    “The downturn in the economy is what’s driving the network changes. That’s the biggest factor,” Hand said. “We’re always looking for efficiencies and Worldport just happens to be one of those efficiencies.”

    In the past year, UPS has used Worldport more as a central hub, “with less reliance on regional hubs,” Hand said.

    But that’s not permanent, she said, and laid-off workers can be called back.

    “As volume increases networkwide, that would increase the number of jobs that are brought back to Rockford,” Hand said.

    The layoffs are in addition to the 600 part-timers who were hired to handle the heavier shipping loads during the peak holiday season.

    Hand said UPS laid off a smaller number of part-time workers in 2009, but couldn’t confirm the amount today.

    UPS has nearly 1,000 part-time workers at the hub at Chicago Rockford International Airport. It also has 500 full-timers, who are not affected by the cuts.

    UPS received $24 million in state tax credits recently, and promised to invest $91 million between Rockford and its larger ground-sorting facility in Hodgkins by the end of 2012.

    The tax credits were tied to protecting the full-time jobs at both facilities, not part-time positions. Hand said the layoffs don’t affect UPS’ deal with the state.

    When UPS officials were in Rockford last month, they said the hub here remains important to their long-term plans.

    In 2006, UPS invested $25 million to update equipment and expand sorting capacity at the Rockford hub. UPS is the main reason Rockford is the 19th largest cargo airport in the country.
  17. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    CAn you tell me how many fulltime jobs are at the Rockford hub? Also does the 710 contract allow these laid off workers to maybe go to another building to work?
  18. rampman

    rampman New Member

    i believe theres a couple hundred combo ft jobs
  19. LLTailor

    LLTailor New Member

    Hoping to keep both inbound Ont flights. That doesn't look good when one of the ballmats shuts down when 1st wave is done.
  20. ImWiredIn

    ImWiredIn New Member

    The question is why spend so much money in Rockford only to pull most of it's volume away? I've always heard really positive things about that hub.

    Also, they mentioned 90 million dollars. What are they going to invest in between Rockford and CACH?