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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by RockyRogue, Jun 18, 2008.

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    Well....I graduated with my Masters a couple weeks ago! :happy2: There were a number of people 2 years ago that laid high odds I would fail out. In the end, I graduated with a very comfortable GPA, a marketable degree and memories I wouldn't trade for the world. Yes....those memories include shlepping packages for UPS at Denver.

    Anybody in Fargo, ND care to share a drink with a new arrival? :happy2:. I've been offered a position in northwestern Minnesota / eastern North Dakota. The pay is OK (not great but OK), full-benefits, paid vacation, paid holidays, etc. I got the offer late in the day and spoke to a couple of my professors. They both said the wages were a tad low for Denver but probably pretty good for the area I'll be in. One professor promised to look over the formal offer and suggest any areas to request improvements in. Estimated departure is around the 4th of July. SatelliteDriver and others I've exchanged messages and opinions with via PM and in the chat, please feel free to message me if you want details. I'll be glad to provide them. Cheryl, I'm signed into AIM if you'd like details that way. -Rocky
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    Like , who really cares?
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    Didn't yo mama ever tell you if you can't say something nice not to say it at all?

    Rocky, I hope you like very cold weather in the winter and very hot and humid weather in the summer, and wind. But I've always like Fargo, It's a pretty nice clean community and it's only a few hours from Minneapolis.
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    Uh, Rocky, uh, you know you know!

    Anyways, good luck in your new venture. Fargo? Well, it's got some good points, one being, it's far away from here!
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    Rocky, we really do like your updates and your past participation on the Browncafe. Stay in touch with your updates. Good luck in Fargo.
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    Good luck and congrats Rock !!! don't forget to get out of that comfy office chair in that nice office and open the door and sign for some poor old ups guy!!!!!! BEST TO YA !!!!
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    Updates from Rocky are always welcome. Posts like these are not. Grow up.
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    Yes, what they said, We collectively care.
    Great Job Rocky!!
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    Are you the Post Boss? You can respond how you like and therefore I have the right to respond like I want to.
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    No, but as you can tell, the collective reaction to your post was not very positive. Do us a favor--if the thread does not interest you, simply go on to the next one.
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    Or put you on "ignore".
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    Oh, boo, hoo. How will I ever get through my day without the benefit of your wisdom? I guess I will manage.
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    It could very well be that we all would be better off without him.
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    LOL....yes, I know! I'm a TRAITOR! I prefer the term Benedict Arnold, though :happy2:. And while it is very far from you right now, be NICE to those professionals, particularly in academic institutions :wink2:! I might be one of 'em.

    Thanks, More. I would have preferred sunny Southern California to frigid Minnesota but ya take what ya can get, particularly with these jobs. I was reading through work histories of some academic officials and some--not many--but some did the same kind of thing I'm doing. They took a job in the dead-center of nowhere, gained some experience and worked their way up. Five or seven years after they graduated with their Masters or Ph.D, they had a wonderful and secure life.

    LOL.....GLADLY!!!! I don't know what the receiving procedures are yet. I'll have to remember to meet the UPS man. And if my job allows me to, I might even be a jumper at Christmas. Too soon to say whether they'll let me OR if I'll want to do it.

    Thanks, Upstate. I'll keep posting these updates. If I fall off the grid for a couple weeks, its because I'm overwhelmed with moving and settling in. I'll be back to BC in August if things get really hairy.

    Have a great summer and stay cool and hydrated, All!! -Rocky

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...


    Come on! Give us the skinny! Getting your Masters is impressive. How long did it take you to get it? and (if you don't want to say) what field in general are you pursuing?
  16. rod

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    lot of great strip bars in Fargo:happy2:
  17. satellitedriver

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  18. RockyRogue

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    I got my Masters in a professional field closely related to Information Management. It took 21 months from the date of enrollment to completion. I'll be glad to give you more details, BlackBox. Send me a PM.

    Thanks, Satellite. Always a genuine pleasure.

    I'm going to be jealous of your 60 degree winters while I've got -30 in the Great White North. A means to an end never rang so hollow :(. -Rocky
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    Uh, not that I would go there or anything, but, uh, just exactly where are they located in Fargo? Just so I can stay away in case I would want to go there for some, uh, reason.
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    It's Fargo,
    just look for the only working neon sign in town.