Rolling Stone Sez Giuliani Worse Than Bush

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jun 3, 2007.

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    A quote from this article:

    "Giuliani has good stage presence, but his physical appearance is problematic -- virtually neckless, all shoulders and forehead and overbite, with a hunched-over, Draculoid posture that recalls, oddly enough, George W. Bush, the vestigial stoop of a once-chubby kid who grew up hiding tittie pictures from nuns."

    In todays world many credible public citizens run for office only to have some pot smoking underachiever write some bull**** about them as this punk Matt Taibi has. Does Matt say Rudi is no good for the job because he hid titty pics from the nuns when he grew up. No but it clearly tears down Rudi's credibility and makes him seem somewhat less for the job. As you read through it some more Young pot smoking Matt takes some other dialogue from Rudi and trys to turn him into some kind of bizarre creature. Somehow Rudi managed to survive the public forums quite well until Matt came along and suddenly discovered that Rudi has some bizarre quirks that required immediate revelation. Hence the political games continue and hence another reason why I sometimes wish a stray bunker buster would find its way to the liberal press.
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    Well said!! Although it might take more than just one stray bunker buster to get rid of the biased liberal press, they're everywhere.:thumbup1:

    Did you know that the day the news broke about the JFK airport terrorist plot that the N.Y. Times had the story several pages in, buried about page # 36 or so, while all the other papers had it on the front page.

    Don't want to disrupt any possibility of potential Democratic President in 2008, since their side has claimed there is no war on terror. Just some hype made up by the other side to scare us..:lol::lol:

    It's all just make believe, just like the Democratic Party!!:wink:
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  5. Send bunker busters to all the liberal infidels!
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    Pot Smoking and Rolling Stone. Reminds me of a Dr. Hook and Uriah Heep concert in 72' I went to where the entire audience sang along with the band as they played Cover of the Rolling Stone. Ah, those were great days! And then there was Pink Floyd before Darkside of the Moon and Peter Gabriel's Genesis but I won't go there in this forum!

    Good point about the media and Chavez comparison Diesel.
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    Yeah wkmac, It would be interesting to look through my stack of concert ticket stubs and see if we were both at a lot of those same shows. I may have spilled beer on you or passed a ............never mind! The Fox theater, The Omni, Atlanta Stadium, Champaign Jam, those are just of few of the local spots that come to mind. One of my favorite ticket stubs has "The Cockroachs" at the Fox. This was actually The Rolling Stones playing a small venue when the "Some Girls" album came out. I have a lot of fond memories where we used to campout and party all night on a sidewalk somewhere to be first in line at the Ticket office. There are some skeletons in our closets that need to be left there!!

    Oh well, back on topic!!:tongue_sm
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    Anytime you want to cover the subject of music and concerts, I'm there. I'd rather discuss a subject like music that has real merit and worth discussing than all this other tripe we talk about here anyway!

    OK Ring the bell for the next round so we can get back on track.


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    I apparently can't add to your rep power anymore so I must say that I liked this posting. If an American Soldier or Marine even looks at an Iraqi civilian, or even a Terrorist, the wrong way then the Liberal media is all over it like Rosie Odonnell on a sale of Honey Buns. Yet, when the military captures or kills a top terrorist it's back burner news.
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    a friend of mine put this together....

    Rudy Giuliani's answer to everything.....

    check out his Ron Paul videos
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    If you really feel this to be the case then why don't you take a vacation in Afghanistan or Iraq and prove their is no terrorist threat. Then instead of posting links to videos you may have the honor of losing your head in one.
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    Are you both encouraging the murder of those who say things you do not like to hear?

    Is this a call for our Libel and Slander laws to carry the death penalty? As is done in Iran... ?

    Or are you saying that the First Amendment should give you a right to mass murder as a form of speech?

    Do you feel a need for better results than the anthrax that targeted the media and Democratic Senators?

    Who Would Jesus Torture?
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    I think I'll stay here. If I were to leave it would place an undo hardship on UPS as I am irreplaceable.

    Why don't you go over there and force your will upon those countries yourself instead of sending other people's children?

    Ron Paul is the only Republican that can win the Whitehouse in 2008. All the others are just a continuation of what is already there. (30% approval rating)

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    LOL. I guess Fred Thompson doesn't count? Even though he is considered the savior for the Republican Ticket. We'll just ignore that though.
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    hmmm perhaps there is something to this free society I could get used to .
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