Ron's Days at L396 are Numbered!

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  1. Hawfuh Sux

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    Before endorsing and lying about this TA Ron H should have thought about his $300,000+ salary a year. His days as head of Local 396 are numbered. Those 1700 No votes will go against him in the next election.

    Start packing your bags Ronnie!
  2. newtothis

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    Ron H's Days at L396 are Numbered!

    Good for you guys!!! Stay strong
  3. anonymous6

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    the backlash will be felt all around the country as long as members have a good memory come election time.
  4. over9five

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    Ima thinking you all will forget about it come election time, and ol' Ron will rule on.....
  5. The Other Side

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    Unfortunately, NO.

    What you dont understand is that this is the second contract that Ron and crew VOTED to approve, and in each, we have LOST BENEFITS, RIGHTS and MONEY. IN 2008, we saw an increase in part timer progression to 36 months. We saw split raises for the first time in history causing a loss of pay in each year of an 8 year contract. We saw the introduction of technology language that HURT our members causing multiple discharges for GPS or technological reasons or even production.

    After 2008, we had many of our feeder runs taken away and lost permanately.

    Now, in 2013, we see Ron & crew supporting another YEAR increase in progression for part timers to 48 months. We see Ron & crew supporting the increase in health care to our retirees with a 700% jump in premiums. We see the loss of our superior health care benefits and the increase in out of pocket costs for us that could range in the thousands for some members with chronically ill family members.

    We see technology language improved for the company making it easier to take out package and feeder drivers. We see that there is NO LANGUAGE to eliminate production harrassment. We see that there are still split wages in years 4 and 5. We see that there is NOT improved 9.5 language and all that was done was to extend the time it takes to settle a 9.5 grievance.

    Now, I dont know about you, but these are "reminders" that will be in our face for the next 5 years if they are not corrected, and it will be in the front of everyones minds come the next local election next year.

    Ol' Ron had it great over the years, but that time is about to end.

    Retirees are coming out of the woodworks to support the very people who will run against Ron next year. Stay tuned.

    Ron has forced our hand as members to remove him, and replace him with a new face, a new person who is NOT tied into the IBT. Rons biggest handicap right now is his connection to the IBT. He got sucked into being a politician with the IBT and he no longer has the ability to separate himself from Union politics. He has turned himself into a lapdog for Hoffa / hall and this , the members see crystal clear.

    He should have stood up for the membership in local 396. He should have gone against Hoffa/hall by voting NO at the two man meeting. By voting YES, he layed his cards on the table and "WE" are about to call on that hand. By voting NO would have demonstrated that RON was voting on the best interests of local 396. The vote wouldnt have been unanimous, but it would have shown us that RON was still on our side.

    We will not forget. By voting YES at the two man meeting, Ron H now OWNS that decision.

    On january 1 2014, if this contract passes in its current form, EVERY member of 396 will be affected by this teamcare crap and that will be the NAIL in the coffin for Ron H. The coffin itself will materialize in early november when Ron and Andy M come to tell us :

    " hey guys, sorry, but we tried to get you better insurance, but we were, ahh, umm, ahh unable to secure a better policy, so youre in the C6 plan"~ Andy M november 2013 (prediction)

    There will be too many reminders to EVER forget what is being done to us in this contract.


  6. over9five

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    And I do hope you're right. When is the next election?
  7. The Other Side

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    Next year.

  8. wgf46

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    Well said TOS. They are trying to sell us out. I hope we will avoid it.
  9. FOURX

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    All that matters to Ron H, Is MONEY!, As he stated in His last few meetings " Vote with your concience" But.... Not Once He said...This is a bad contract and I urge you to reject it, by Voting NO!
    It was Obvious to me that by his Lack of Leadership, He didn't care for anyone... and he Would not screw any of his friends and co-workers..... Lies, lies, lies.....

    All it matter to him was to convince anyone to vote Yes, and Hope that by doing so He would be able to "Carve a chunk of money out of the Central region, and maybe become a trustee of it.... Adding more one more venue for income to his all ready EXCESSIVE SALARY.


  10. ibslick50

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    We wont forget. I will do my part not to allow people around me to forget. I have saved all the literature the IBT and local 396 has sent out. I will display these fine pieces of art for the candidate running for office at the next election.
    When you run around telling people that YOU didnt support a yes or no vote on the contract, LOCAL 396, dont forget, both of your names are on this list!
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  11. The Other Side

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    Wow, slick, your photo was removed? Thats pretty wierd.

    Regardless. The fact still remains, after a complete rejection of the TA, The riders and supplementals here in local 396, The H administration has not scheduled a meeting with the members to discuss the "reasons" for the rejection.

    Ron was asked "whats your next move" for these negotiations, and he responded with "I dont have one".

    Why doesnt the local want to hear from the members? Dont they understand they were "wrong" the first time around not including us in negotiations talk? Every other local has had a meeting to discuss the contract rejection and yet, local 396 continues to do nothing to reach out to the members and sort out concerns.

    These guys will never learn, the members are upset with them and losing confidence in the locals leadership everyday that passes.

    We can only hope that Andy M. comes up with a plan for the southwest that we can support.


  12. Anonymous 10

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    We haven't had a meeting yet as is the case with a lot of other locals. You need to get your facts straight before you post them on a message board.
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    No meeting here either.
  14. TimeForChange

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    Wow. He gets paid roughly 200 grand a year, but he hasn't figured out that he should have called for a meeting the weekend after the UPS votes were counted, to ask the members what they need to vote yes on the next proposed Western Supplement? Wow.
  15. The Other Side

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    Are either of you in the southwest? Maybe you miss read the topic of this thread, eh? Maybe you should think that you approved your contract and WE in the southwest rejected it, so you having a meeting and "We" having a meeting arent one in the same, maybe now you understand?


  16. Talked to sam s today from local 63, he said that andy and his legal team are supposed to have the "carve out" for the western states soon so that we can look at it before we vote again. He also said the plan is shaping up good. Dont know if that holds any value or if its just smoke up my ass, trying to stay optimistic through all this.
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  17. The Other Side

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    It is true, and Andy is attempting to divert a portion of the raise towards the new plan to raise the benefit levels. Nothing solid at the moment, but we can only wait for the numbers to come out when they are done.

    Stay tuned.


  18. Anonymous 10

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    Both my supplement went down as well as the rider. So you're wrong.
  19. Hawfuh Sux

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    I saw the letter Randy C released about the "carve-out" being ready a lot sooner than they expected. However, there's no mention about Andy M's intention to divert our raises. Go figure.

    Yesterday there were reformers out leafletting and and gathering signatures demanding a fair contract at Local . One of the Local business agents showed up talking her crap and got put in her place.

    She claimed that people didn't know why they were voting NO. When the reformer asked her, "so tell me why we should vote YES?" She replied, "well we're still working on it." Hundreds of people signed the petition in front of their BA and mocked her for being a liar along with Andy M.
  20. stink219

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    His must be WAY more important though. We are talking about TOS. He has all the answers...wait I take that back. He asks all the questions. Hey T, just because you can fit it on one piece a paper doesn't make it fact, it makes it propaganda.